A common thread in the tapestry that is the Gusty Ridge Ranch is our faith in & relationship with our Heavenly Father, and His son, Jesus Christ.

WHAT I BELIEVE is a fairly regular feature here at the Ranch where we share a tender nibble of our testimony of the Savior, His Atonement, and His gospel.  The two-fold blessing we've seen from this feature, is not only the growth of that testimony with each post, but the spiritual seeds that are planted or nurtured as a result of us hashing it all out right here.  Thanks for enjoying our spiritual garden of sorts, now please excuse us while we not only tend it, but go nurture it further.

Feel free to look around and make yourself at home...we're expecting more seeds will be planted soon...

Battle Cry
Who God Is...Literally
I Like Who I Am
Happily Ever After
I Can Do Hard Things...Including Forgive
I Can Do Hard Things...Including Forgive-Part 2
I Can Do Hard Things...Including Forgive-Part 3
Long Distance Running
The Family that Gathers Together Stays Together 
Where's My Travel Agent? 
Want Some Advice?  Don't Answer Cause You're Gonna Get it Anyway 
It's Mendin' Time 
The Journey
BLOGGERS TAKE ME AWAY: Details & Pix-3rd Installment
Grateful for Opposition in All Things
The Parable of the Grape Juice 
His Smile = His Love 
Humble, Meek & Lowly Yields the Greatest Miracles 
Seek Ye Out of the Best Books
Postcards from Cloud #9 
Won't Be the Same Without You 
If I Had a Million Dollars 
My Daughter = My Hero
Time to Limber Up! 
Our Youth Need It in Black & White
Bravo Emma!
Taming the New Animal
To the Moon
His Family's Hero
At Their Feet is the Best Seat in the Room
Connecting & Remembering... Always
Gifts to the World
Stand All Amazed

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