It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words....however, back here on the Ranch, sometimes they're worth a MILLION words!  Through Wordless Wednesdays not only are we practicing our talents, expressing ourselves, but we are documenting further the events & experiences here on the Ranch.  Sometimes in life, we've just got to hit that BIG OL' MUTE BUTTON in order to get the full effect.  Additional words just get in the way...plumb unnecessary.  Ya know, right along the lines of that whole "Less is more" thing?

Therefore, here is our minimalistic glimpse at life on Gusty Ridge Ranch:

Melted Sunshine
I Missed & Mr LKP Delivered
Kept Promises
Appreciation Celebration 2010
Mini-Me's Piano Recital 2010
Cousins' Last Day of School 2010
Updated FHE Board to Go With the Skinny Wall
Don't Ya Love Just Because?
Stuck Like Glue
Sibling Rivalry Much?
By the Light of the Silvery Moon
I Miss These
For the Archives...Mostly Wordless
Goodnight Sun
Grateful for Autumn's First Cradling-Mist 
Grateful for Epsom Salt 
Grateful for an Extended Olive Branch 
He's Perfect!  I'll Take Him...Just Wrap Him Up! 
Deck the Halls in Candy Cane Colors 
One of Our Favorite Sites This Year 
Jack Frost Nippin' at Your Nose 
Am I the Only One Left Who's Madly in Love with Graphite?
Community Spaghetti Feed
What Mini-Me's Been Up To
Missed the Bus
Workshop Magic
More Magic 
hello, mr. honey-bee
Stop to Taste the Sidewalk
Rad Rachel
Back at it Again
One Dedicated Daddy
New Lights
Our Legacy 
Thursday Edition - 8th Grade Graduation
First Strawberry of 2011!
PROM - Last Night of Jr Grange Camp
A Taste of What 500 People's Hope for Clara Looks Like
Happy 1st Birthday, Willow
Best Furry Friend EVERRRRRR!!!
An Invitation

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