Wordless Wednesday: For the Archives...MOSTLY Wordless

Again, just for posterity.

Remember our favorite Marine Recruit?  Well, due to the Bloggerfest frivolity at Bear Lake + 4 more days of frolicking with a few friends in Utah + some much needed recovery time from the whole excursion, I didn't get a letter out to him the week before last.  (I know, I'm soooo not in the running for pen-pal of the year this year!)

Therefore, I just had to make up for it with a little something extra.

Here's the inspiration:
George Coghill has got some GREAT Marine illustrations.  I just love them all!
Here's my modified outcome (on the envelope this time, so he's a bit cropped):

I'm swooning over the salute.  That might just be my favorite part!

Thanks for watchin'...


gigi said...

Awesome! Lady, you are good!

Nikki said...

That's fantastic... you're really talented!!!!!

M-Cat said...


*tears* I freakin love the picture - I had no idea you were SO TALENTED in art!!

I just got a letter from him yesterday, he talked about you and is so appreciative of your letters!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

love you!!

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