New Grills...Yo!

Did we mention that Seth's a big-time rapper now? I'm practicing the new lingo as well as the new spelling involved in his chosen career path...so let me try this again:
(how am I doing so far?)
Actually no (and I do mean NO) rappers in this house...but now Daisy and I are twins! According to my husband I'm looking straight outta 10th grade! So if the image below takes you back, it should. Gotta get our laughs out of it! Hope you're having less of a tender & sore & ibuprofen-filled week than mine!


Rosie said...

You look amazing Lady!! Way cute and how fun to be twinners with your daughter:) I am cracking up at the "Grillz" lingo.....you got it like that???

Amy J. said...

My mom got her braces when I was in High School. I think it is super cool! And yes, you got me...you are my idol, my hero, no matter how you add it up. :)

rip said...

Three of the six people in this house have gone through this, I remember the pain that first week is. I hope you are able to eat solid food again real soon!

Jodi said...

I didn't know you were getting braces. They fit you well. :) I'm actually headed to the ortho today with Kyle for him to get impressions for his palette spreader and headgear.

Anonymous said...

oh keely..
i definently know how you all feel. if it helps you both look super cute! keep smiling and show that metal in your mouth! haha
hope it gets less painful soon! i know it will.

~all my love

::Jan:: said...

How fun. Both of you look smashing. It will be so fun asking if there are goobers in your teeth.

busbyhive said...

oh you guys look so cute! i never knew that you were getting braces but you look super cute in them! so how is live treating you? i hope just wonderful. things are going good here in little town of Rexburg, but we sure miss all you! hope to talk/see you soon!

Heather said...

Oh, you'll be so glad when they are off. You'll look amazing!

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