It's a Lord of the Beans Kinda Sunday!

What better way to top off an awesome Sunday afternoon at church where we had a chance to study some of the Savior's parables he shared in Matthew 13?! Ok, so a couple of those parables dealt with seeds, and not one of them was about beans, but you plant beans in order to grow bean plants....therefore, naturally, we're gonna focus on beans! HOORAY!!!
Seth just tossed in VeggieTales' "Lord of the Beans" (which is one of our favoritests EVER. Go Toto BaggyPants!!!). For dinner there's a very high chance chili will be on the menu. Some chocolate cupcakes (which we all know is perfect since chocolate comes from the cocoa bean, and only get better with jellybeans sittin' in the frosting)......And to top it all off we'll complete the night with Bohnanaza: a rousing game of bean planting! Hopefully you're able to find something that connects you better with the Savior's teachings. BEANS TO EVERYONE & BEWARE OF SPORKS!


terramisu said...

Love, Love, Love Lord of the Beans!

Half spoon and half fork...SPORK
Oh! I love that movie!
You guys are cute!

ericksons said...

Great application there. I've got to see this game!

Amy J. said...

I don't know when we stopped purchasing all the Veggie Tales movies. I havn't seen that one and just may have to go get it! I think the adults find them just as entertaining. So do you always theme your Sundays after the days teachings? What do you do on "Temple" themed days? :)

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