Tag! You're it!

This one is soooo much fun! It's time for a rousing go of PHOTO TAG!!!!

Post the 4th photo of your 4th folder in "My Pictures" from your computer.

I love that mine is an absolute fav of Seth & I from about two Fourths of July ago. We were along the Greenbelt in Idaho Falls, literally RIGHT underneath the exploding fireworks! We laid out on blankets and enjoyed the "Freedom Celebration." I kid you not, we were so close that an empty mortar shell fall through the branches of this puny little tree and hit me on the head! Lol!!! I felt like Chicken Little there for a bit. (I have the shell as a souvenir in my office somewhere).

Gotta say I sure love this man! I can't believe its been 7 years into our eternity together! I tag all who want to participate (so relax & have fun with this one). =D


Bowen Family said...

We found, you this is Brandt and Steph. We are doing good and freezing up in Alaska. Our Blog is ak-bowens@blogspot.com. Love ya

Jodi said...

What a great picture! I was tagged with this tag and totally forgot. I guess I better get on it. I'm a little nervous though...

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