Million Years Late (it seems)

Hope the new year's been a blessing for all. I found this all during my annual "New Year's Mucking-Out" rituals. Sorry it took forever to put together, especially since Halloween is the farthest thing from your minds at this point. However, as promised, here's the footage from our ward's first-ever Progressive Halloween Carnival! These snapshots are too adorable to relive alone, so share them with others and have fun giggling into 2009! (Special thanks again to all who participated as well as all our photographers who helped document this fun event).


Jan said...

Such a fun evening. Diasy is gorgeous.

akidd said...

Cute slide show! Which auxiliary decided to put that on?

Amy J. said...

Hey...better late than never! That was such a fun evening. I love your awesome plea for the Kidds...you are amazing woman!

Rosie said...

That is so great that they are watching this for mutual! I think everybody should get to watch it.

I giggled at your comment in caps, thanks for the compliment!

Tell your hubby to get some tickets and VISIT me! Can you imagine the fun we would have, just like old times!:) Miss ya!

Nikki said...

Ok, I'm back the kids wanted breakfast and the bread machine was beeping telling me it was time to sprinkle the pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

Great slide show.... Was that Daisy in the red dress? Miss America? She looked gorgeous!

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