Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration

BREATHTAKING EVERY TIME! Joseph Smith: Prophet of the Restoration is Probably my VERY most favorite movie ever! I can't even begin to describe how strongly the Spirit effects me each time I've watched it. I especially LOVE that my favorite Ralph Waldo Emerson quote opens the movie, "Men have come to speak of revelation as long ago given and done, as if God were dead. It is the office of a true teacher to show us that God is, not was, that He speaketh, not spake…The need was never greater of new revelation than now.”

I've been uber disheartened considering how long the run was for both Legacy & the Testaments in the Joseph Smith Building before they were released on DVD for home viewing. This evening though I found THIS blogger. He has somehow posted the Joseph Smith movie on his youtube account so we can access it no matter where in the world we live! I'm SOOOO excited, cause the last time I saw it was almost 2 1/2 years ago! So, if you've not had the opportunity to see yet at the Joseph Smith Building or any of the handful of LDS church Visitor Center/Historic sites currently showing the film, then check this blog out & scroll down in order to watch. ***FYI: Be sure you've got a box of Kleenex handy...and a notebook & pen to jot down your favorite lines/quotes!*** Enjoy the greater spiritual connection gained through this movie!
You will be amazed! I've not met a single person who has come away from this movie unchanged.


Heidi 'n' Jeff said...

Cool. I'm going to check it out. :)

p.s. Looks like I'm not going to loose my nail!! YAY! :))

Anonymous said...

that just brought back so many memories! from youth conference and the other time we went to see it. i miss you so much! i have had so many new leaders and i love them all. but i wish you lived here. i hope all is weel in washington.

all my love from rexburg!


Jake said...

It Just came out on DVD last month. I brought it online at Deseret Book. It was fun to watch!

It's on a new DVD set called, ''Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Visual Resource DVDS''.

So, it's for $5 there. Check it out.

LKP said...

yes yes yes! i found that last month as well, and have it ordered for Christmas presents this year. good eye, jake! have a great Thanksgiving weekend. :)

LKP said...

here are two links to find the DVD if any of the rest of you are interested!

Sister Elle McCall said...

Ah! I love this movie so much!! It is so beautifully done and I feel the spirit testify of the truth of the restoration of the gospel when I share it with people we teach!

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