Pizza Pie-ya in Your Eye-a!!!

Contemplating pizza for dinner tonight? Wait! What?! We should've eaten dinner hours ago?! ....ok, so maybe you're just contemplating pizza for no reason, or for a few friends getting together later? CALL SAHARA PIZZA!!! Besides being awesome for part of their name being after the coolest movie starring the fabulous duo of (the hottest) Matthew McConaughey & (the hilarious) Steve Zahn, what else do they have going for them?! Well, we've been patronizing Sahara regularly for almost 18 months now, and they treat us SO well. Plus they've got THE yummiest cheese money can buy! (Well worth every penny). What's fantastic beyond the cheese is they're not only pros when it comes to traditional basic pizza recipes (Hawaiian, Pepperoni, Supreme, etc.) but they also have a MOUTHWATERING SELECTION for the more sophisticated tastebuds, including various delicious pesto sauces & exotic toppings such as kalamata olives, mangos, and they even offer pastas & salads to boot! DEFINITELY CHECK THEM OUT. I must admit that our local franchise is the best and their manager, Jake, is awesome! BEYOND AWESOME EVEN!!! If things aren't right, Jake makes sure they get right in a hurry and that you're completely satisfied. So, give in already, to the plumper Italian opera lady singing "On An Evening in Roma" in your head right now, and CALL or order ONLINE from SAHARA PIZZA...and while you're at it, run to Blockbuster & rent Sahara!

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