BLOGGERS, TAKE ME AWAY: Details & Pix-6th Installment and Finale!

Here's that go at wrapping this up in one last post.
Don't sue me if I have to add an addendum.  Lol.

Now, where were we last time, hmmm?
Oh yes, Temple Square, with melted-butter lighting....

"Oh, how lovely was the morning!...Radiant beamed the sun above..."

"...Bees were humming, sweet birds singing...Music ringing through the grove..."

My last glimpse of the Salt Lake Temple...literally, as I was walking back towards the Joseph Smith Memorial Building so I could pay my parking and get out of town, I looked back over my shoulder and this was the view.  It was almost as if I was being bid a kind farewell & safe journey.  Loved it!
The Brigham City Tabernacle.  Beautiful!  Barely missed tours of this place by a week or so.  (Dang it!)
The sunlight was too much to resist!  Just across the street is the Brigham City temple site...currently, it's just a big hole in the ground with a privacy fence around it.  But I stepped into a local bookstore where they had sketched postcards of the planned temple, and it will be LOVELY!  Another one to add to the ever-growing list of temples I would like to perform service in someday.  (:

The architectural style of this is so romantic.  At least it is to me!  In some ways it reminds me of the Assembly Hall on Temple Square in Salt Lake.  In others it reminds me of some place from stories I remember growing up.  Legendary....epic...so very classic fairytale-ish.

This door made my heart ache to go inside and hear it's story...
You'll think I'm weird, but the word that comes to mind when I see this shot is, "yum!"  Why you ask?  I love the contrast of the colors.  So glorious!  Plus this view of the Tabernacle reminds me of a picture from an LDS coloring book I had when I was 3.  It had pictures of President Kimball and President Benson for me to color as well.  I may even still have it.  Now I'm tempted to go hunting for it!

This cafe used to be connected to & home of the Idle Isles Candy shop.  Several years ago the family sold the cafe.  Then just a few years ago the candy shop relocated across the street.  Next time you're in Brigham City, have lunch at the cafe (yummy sandwiches & soups!), then cross the street for some dessert!  (They're world-famous for their candies....not to mention their signature treat is one of our family's favorite to make every Christmas!  Give 'em a try.  You definitely WON'T suffer!)

This is the Idle Isle Candy shop's new locale.  So cute & the staff inside are THE most friendly people ever!

The old Brigham City Depot.  So charming.

Can't you just picture this scene, from days gone by, filled with bustling passengers?  That or if Frosty the Snowman were to have happened anywhere in real life, it would've happened here!
Last glance back at Brigham City...so long, farewell.

The Snowville citch-i-ation....
Halfway through Oregon, we come upon one of my favorite landmarks along the journey home.  From here I can ALMOST feel my head sinking into my lovely pillows on my own bed, and can ALMOST hear my dogs a bellerin' at the intruding coyotes!
 The rest of the drive I do not have photographed, since shortly after this point in the journey above, I became hellbent on getting home with no more interruptions.  I wasn't even happy about the fact I had one more stop for fuel still to go!

Once I got to Pendleton, I stopped by my mom's for a breather and a short visit with her and my grandpa.

Got home when it was late & dark....and I was so glad to come home to Mr LKP (aka Mr Sweetness!).

It was a wonderful trip!  Something I greatly needed but didn't even realize it.  A chance to discover things on my own.  To rediscover me.

There was icing on my adventure cake in the form of the grooviest souvenirs:
Cherie's spicy pretzels (pure Heaven!)...
Tauna's homemade salsa (Which Mr LKP thought was HIS thank you gift for loaning me to the gals!)...
Lovely Milk-glass from Ann...
Mousepad, BIG wax lips, and Halloweeny trinkets from Cherie....my birthday tiara from Ann, Heather, & Monica...
Cutest danged scarecrow from M-Cat...
Wonder-fab 'BOO' garlands from the uber talented Monica...
And the book "21 Days Closer to Christ," a flippin' sweet bookmark, & an elegant tile from sweet Kim!

The items that were absent on picture day?
  • Tauna's hand-dipped chocolates (they were soooo good, they didn't make it passed Kim's house, lol.  So Mr LKP will never know what he really missed out on!)
  • Kimmie's Cinnamon Almonds (again, totally devoured!  Though I didn't gobble them up until the drive back to Washington...and actually I scarfed up the whole bag between where I realized I had a flat all the way to Snowville to take care of it.  Her yummy morsels of nutty protein coated in bliss calmed my nerves for 30+ miles!)
But better than things, my most favorite and cherished souvenirs are the amazing moments and priceless friendships all along the way!
Katie & Me (post 2am Shrinky Dinks and sans sleep) & Cherie (all bright-eyed, bushy tailed, and well-rested) on their front porch just before departing for the cabin 6 hours away.

These ladies have changed my life!  I'll always be grateful for them and this experience...

Ann Marie, Brittany, Cherie (and here too), Heather, Katie, Kimmie, M-Cat, Monica, Tauna (and Gigi & Wendy), Laurel, and Kim

...what a privilege it was, and an honor to count them all my friends.


The end.


Chels said...

Awesome pictures of Temple Square!! :)

Kim said...

Hey Girlie!

Thanks so much for the journey. I too am grateful that you took the time to meet me and my family. My life has richly blessed because of you and your wonderful spirit. I truly look forward to the day when I will get to see you again. I hope it is sooner than later.


M-Cat said...

I am always in awe of your photos! Serio - good work girl!

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