Wordless Wednesday: What Mini-Me's Been Up To


Garden of Egan said...

I am looking at the scoreboard and it looks like a close game! She has gotten so tall!

Never a dull moment on the Ranch!

I bet she's gonna end up at some fancy university on a full ride scholarship.

LKP said...

Very very true. Each week she's sizing her height up to mine, not-so-secretly yearning for the day she finally surpasses me! Lol. Not that I'm tall, we all know that, but for my 13 year old to be close-to-taller than me is sorta freaky. :)

Connie said...

I love watching girl's basketball. My oldest daughter played all throughout junior and senior high. It was the highlight of my week to be able to go watch her play!

Good for Mini-Me!

Lisa said...

Donald dreams of our girls being basketball stars one day...

Cherie said...

Yayyyy!!! I LOVE women's basketball!! Katie played and it was just always so fun!!!

Gooooo Minnie Me!!

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