...who is so OVER hardwood floors?
...who has found their home to be colder since switching to hardwood flooring, thus increasing the winter power bills?
...who misses carpet...yummy, cozy, soft Berber...or ANY soft carpet under foot?
...who misses the comfy, warm, quiet feeling in a home with the the SOUND of carpet?
...who misses using her vacuum on a regular basis?
...who is OVER having to sweep up this nastiness every 10 minutes?!
(We'd like to thank not only the "Academy," but also the Confederation of Critters of the Gusty Ridge Ranch.)

...who is sick & tired of being sick & tired?  
...who is especially tired of allergies?  
...who is especially tired of these allergies manifesting in the freakiest ways at the most awkward times?
(I don't even remember what I ate....or perhaps it was whatever I stirred up with my sweeping & dusting, but out of nowhere suddenly the upper right part of my cupid's bow started to feel hot, and painful.  Literally, it was only a matter of moments and I could FEEL that area of my lip tighten due to the swelling.  I almost wondered if it was a delayed reaction from a bite or sting of some sort.  It was that distinct.  I took this picture so I could text it to Mr LKP since I'd been talking to him on the phone when the reaction occurred---he jokes that I'm allergic to him---and then I reached for my Costco-sized bottle of Benadryl.  Within 10 minutes, my lip was fine with no indication anything had been wrong.  UGH!  Can't stand when I have no control over what my body does!  Plus it sorta freaked me out, since this all happened so fast and it was on my lip....and that's not far from my throat.  I've had my allergies really trigger my asthma before....and I've had my eyes swell shut multiple times, but nothing as far as an anaphylactic reaction.  Luckily that wasn't the case this time either, but it makes me more & more nervous as I recognize I have no say over what type of reactions I get or how or where!  Means anaphylactic is a TOTAL possibility.  Guess I better be more careful or pay more attention.)
Turns out that my word for 2011, PERSEVERANCE, was inspired for my life...in more ways than one!


jen said...

I don't have the cold issue with hardwood, but I do have the issue of having 100 kids who can't keep it dry or whatever. Ours is ruined in a few places. I tried to tell Brad, but he wouldn't listen.

Chels said...

I feel like our house is WAY colder with hardwood floor, too. And I hate sweeping. It's is seriously amazing the kind of piles we get. Though hardwood floor has been nice with having a puppy around - easier to clean.

heidi said...

love hardwood floors...imagine if all that dirt you just swept up was still in you carpet! I do have a few pairs of slippers and cozy socks that I ALWAYS wear to keep me warm!
Remember I my lips swell up too... only HUGE! Like on Monster-in-law, its usually stress+allergen = fat lips for a whole day! It is scary because it's close to the throat. Hope it doesn't happen to you anymore!

Garden of Egan said...

Yes, I'm tired of hardwood floors, but I wouldn't want carpet in my kitchen. I do wish I had a big area rug for the dining area though. It would definitely warm it up and quiet it down.
I didn't realize how much noise carpet absorbed.

The lip looks ouchy.

You can still have perserverance and be tired of it.

You are all good!
I promise.

erickson zone said...

I am with you on the hardwood floors. Not my fav. What a weird and crazy reaction. I'm glad you were able to keep it to a minimum though. That would be scary!

Yes, we're counting on building on some of your land. What did you want for it? $1,000 an acre? wasn't that it? :o}

Siera said...

I hate hardwood floors! I miss carpet too! I jusy happen to live in an OLD house with it. And I am sick and tired of being tired all the time too! I am not allergic to any food known to man and I went out to this Hot Pot restaurant with the fiance once with all these weird veggies and fungus and I has red splotches break out all over my chest. I wasn't sure if it was the fod or the wine. He suggested going back but I am too reluctant too.

karen★ said...

we have carpet downstairs & hardwoods upstairs so i guess i get a little bit of both...but sometimes, when my knees hurt & things are really loud upstairs, i think about how a nice cushy carpet underfoot would be so cozy (& that it would soak up a lot of that crazy-crazy-boy sound!)

happy sweeping! if it makes you feel any better, i'm probably going to have to sweep mine at least 20 times today, so i'll be frustrated right along with you!

karen★ said...

p.s. LOVE the old barnwood feel of your background. so perfect!

M-Cat said...

Okay, I can't jump on board about the hardwood floors since I am literally BEGGING for them! BEGGGING I tell ya! I would gladly sweep every day rather than vaccuum every day and wonder what grossness is imbedded in my floors.

And boo to allerigies ! BIG FAT BOO!!!!

Cherie said...

I personally love our hardwood floors!! But we do have carpet in the house too so I have both. The hardwood is so easy to keep clean and I have never found it cold. We have tile in a couple places and in Idaho tile is COLD brrrrr!
Sorry about your allergies - that bites!!

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