Photo-A-Week Project

Remember how I need another project on my over-flowing plate?
Remember how I need another hole in my head?

...Yeah, so did I.

However, this project seems more manageable.  And I'm excited about it!

Over at BlogFrog, I decided to launch a community for those of us in love with photography.

It's not necessarily reserved for those who are experts.  It's open to any and everyone, even those who still shoot Polaroids (though that requires some scanning, etc. but you get the idea), no matter the level of skill!

Really, this pet project is simply to encourage us all to dust off our camera bags, get behind the lens and shoot more....or even to dig out some old shots and brush up our post-processing skills more frequently...AND it's mostly to encourage us to get creative (again) + SHARE our work!  

The more we share, the more CONFIDENT we'll become.  The more confident we are, the more risks we'll be willing to take as far as doing more with our photos, such as try new techniques, enter photo contests, or possibly even dive head-first in and ACTUALLY SELL some of the art we create.   Cause that's exactly what we are, we're artists and photography is our medium. 

CONFIDENCE is everything, my friends!

Perhaps I did this mostly for me, since I've felt like I've been in a creative slump lately.  Maybe I'm looking for an excuse to JUSTIFY my need to shoot more often, or to scout new locations, or simply step out of my own life and into the world around me for a few moments....I actually think I just need mostly a reason to pause & recognize that God has blessed me....and that what I do IS of worth. 

Also, I figure that if this helps me, perhaps there are other shutterbugs out there who need this excuse as a creative kick-in-the-pants as well.   

(And since it's only a photo-a-week, I'll be more likely to stick with the project.  Not gonna lie, I'm sorta ADD and I don't have the attention span or stamina for a daily photo project...the moment it feels like a chore, that's the moment I fall out of love with the idea and give up.)

So, if you're interested, "hop" on over and join us in all the fun!
(Get it?  HOP on over to my BlogFrog community?  Hee hee!)
  P.S. If you've been following for at least the last two months, then you'll recall THE GREAT LAPPY-CRASH OF 2011 (not unlike the lappy crash recorded in the video below...wait for it.....wait for it!) and how it rendered this post visually unfinished.  Well great news!  I found the images I thought I'd lost for the post on my Picasa web album.  So check out the post towards the end so we can tie up the Christmas gift report's loose ends that I just KNOW you've lost sleep over!  ;)


Garden of Egan said...

That does sound like a good idea. I will meander over there and check it out.
I'm still lusting over the d7000.
I need to stop it.

I'm excited to see what crazy ideas you come up with.
Oh, I'm sure there will be some normal ideas too, but you totally rock the crazy!

LKP said...

hey, don't kick yourself for lusting over the d7000! i actually made it out to my photog club's meeting for the month the other night, and got to conversing with some friends over denny's scrambled eggs and there were NOTHING but rave reviews over the 7000. i've been lusting as well. :)

love you!

add a photo at the community, chicky!

Cherie said...

I'm excited to see what you do with this! You are very talented my darling chickie!! This is a great idea!

P.S. If you want a good laugh go over and read Valerie's blog!!

Cherie said...

P.S. Valerie all the pieces of me. So funny and we are both in it!

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