Wordless Wednesday: Stuck Like Glue

Mostly wordless today.

Ya know that song? 

I love it.  It's definitely one of Mr LKP's & my newest songs.

But lately, its been the definition of my day-2-day life with Willow.

Exhibit A:
While editing and getting through my work-flow, here she is, practically attached to me!


gigi said...

Such sweet company you have there.

Lynn said...

Such a darling little puppy dog! I can tell from your picture that Willow loves you big bunches!


Nikki said...

So cute.

Thanks for your long comment :) We've lived here for nearly 10 years and only had one kid come to the door T or T'ing. I had no treats to give her, so gave her a packet of chocolate biscuits. I can't wait to see your costumes.

Connie said...

That is one cute puppy! I know a woman who loved to smell a puppy's feet because she said they smell like popcorn!

LKP said...

gee-ross connie! but i can't say i haven't heard that before, but of women who say kids' feet smell like that. weird if you ask me. no thanks, kid or pup they can keep their feet. (:

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