Much, Much, MUCH Better...

It is finally Autumn here.

The weather's turned a smidge snarly on us, and I'm loving it.
Don't get me wrong, I love beautiful warm sunny days with blue skies.

And no lie, the wind I could do without (since it's totally interfering with some family sessions I had had planned...oh well, it is what it is), but there is something magical about saturated, misty-rainy autumn days too!

Mmmmm....sweaters and jackets...Yummy!

School's back in session... High school football fever has swept over the region... Sausagefest is over (yes, M-Cat, I DID just say Sausagefest---again!)...
Chili, sloppy joes, loaded baked potatoes, cinnamon rolls, hot cider & cocoa are the table-fare of choice everywhere.... and it smells. so. good.

So, out came THE tote today.
Remember how it all looked after revisiting the little skinny green wall?
Well, we're now harvestified/autumnized!  
(It's ok with me if you shout hooray cause I am.)

 Sidenote: In my Scentsy at the moment?  
Grove & Clove.  mmmmm....delish!  
Too bad it's discontinued...but it's kinda somewhere between Autumn Sunset 
and Honey Pear Cider....with a little dash of Clove & Cinnamon.

Other thing I love about autumn other than just the weather, and the decorations? 
The colors...everywhere!
There is just something very enticing about a shift in modes.  Light shimmery, summer shades make way for a feast of inviting, opaque, wholesomeness for the eyes to behold.  Even on my nails!

(Reminds me of an autumn sky.  That's right ladies & gents, it IS called "Wet Cement" and I'm enamored with it!  As much as I was last year with "Gun Metal."  Sally Hansen, you're my nailcolor hero!)

...Adoring it all.
Every. last. bit.


Cherie said...

Your decor looks GREAT! Sausagefest? Wet Cement? You are way tooo cute!
I have been decorating too - LOOOOOVVVEEEE Fall!

NaDell said...

I love decorating for the holidays. I'm thinking tomorrow is a good day for that.
I love my Grove and Clove candle too! I didn't know the scent was discontinued though. I'll have to make it last. I have two Scentsy warmers and the one in the kitchen is Sticky Cinnamon Bun. Yum.
Fall is nice, except keeping up with the piles of leaves that need to be bagged.

M-Cat said...

Well done on the decor. I'm so not into this year. I don't know why.. and I am so immature I am still giggling over 'you know what'

S.I.F. said...

I have fallen in love with autumn since moving to Alaska. I had never lived anywhere with seasons before, but the colors are so incredible now! It's like my favorite time of year!

But I seriously do not have enough decorations now that I see your house!

Kim said...

Fall/Autumn has to be my favorite season. Love the smells, love the cool crisp mornings. I can't wait because in a couple of weeks it stop playing fall/summer/fall/summer.

Nikki said...

Hehehe... you said sausagefest :D
I love all your fall decor. Can you believe we don't decorate for the seasons and I'm really suprised when I read all the American blogs... it seems everyone does it. I think it's cute and I'm going to do it next Autumn. Do you celebrate halloween? It's not big here at all... my kids have never been trick or treating and have only heard about it through movies.

I love Autumn and winter... but I'm hanging for summer! Although summer is our wet season, so it's always hot and humid.
Off to bed soon x

Chels said...

I need to get me some fall decorations! I love yours!

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