Try a Little Help from My Friends

"Light Bulb!"  ---Gru from Despicable Me

So, I've got this great bloggy pal, Lisa, who after umpteen years living under a garage door (no lie), she and her family are getting upgraded to the Taj Mahal of Montana!

The trouble?  Her blog's name has been based on that silly rolled-up garage door.  With the new digs, she's itchin' for a new name.  Got any ideas?

Check out her blog, Is That a Garage Door on My Ceiling?, where she's got a few great photo-tours of the new palace...plus other gems about her family's adventures all along the way until now.

Give her a shout out of suggestions HERE and YOU just might win your share of up to $75 in Amazon gift cards!
(Not too shabby in deed!)


gigi said...

I'll check it out but I'm usually not much help with this kind of thing :)
Smiles for today!

LKP said...

cool. thanks for the smiles, and giving it a-go! ;)

Julie said...

Very cool, I'll go check her out!!

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