There's a Mouth on My Porch!

Not a mouse, a MOUTH!  As in, HALF OF A FACE!
  • ...and it was HUGE.
  • ...and it was gruesome!
  • ...and yes, Princess Willow found it, gnawed on it, and then gifted it to me.
  • ...and 60 minutes later proceeded to yarf it all AND bones back up on my grandpa's lap, my car, & my purse for 2 more hours!
  • ...and Mr LKP was out of town for TWO DAYS on a long-haul.
  • ...and I had to take care of it all. by. myself. (poor Grandpa!) 
  • ...and it now sits in a mess of newspaper at the bottom of our dumpster.
  • ...and we're not sure if its a rock chuck, a muskrat, or a gopher but SOMETHING on the Ranch is currently faceless!

SURGEON GENERAL WARNING: Photographic footage/documentation is of the disgusting nature, and may initiate dry-heaves and stomach turning.  If you have a strong gag reflex or weak stomach, look away.

What a miserable puppy and a miserable 2 hour car ride it turned out to be!


M-Cat said...

Sorry, but those pics are AWESOME!!! I would totally gag if my dog did this though. I think I would be brushing her teeth, tongue and forcing listerine down her throat!

Cherie said...

Sick! Seriously Sick!
As in...I'm gonna be right now - Ick!

S.I.F. said...

What IS that?!? Why is it so big?!?! Why why why would anyone ever have to deal with something like that?!?

Oh my gosh... I am so going to throw up!

gigi said...

That's just so gross!! Sure hope things are all better now :)

LKP said...

they are. much, much better. though i'm still a little wigged from it. as in, mr LKP was getting ready to leave for work and he brought little dog in to curl up on my bed. she snuggled in beside me for a second while he was talking to me, and then got up near my pillow. at that moment she started the hiccups, but i couldn't tell if it was really the hiccups or if she was gearing up for a good yarf! i am THAT traumatized. lucky for me mr LKP scooped her up and took her outside. it WAS just the hiccups. but wow. (:

Chels said...

That. is. disgusting.

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