(L-R, T-B: Half of my Aunt Barb, My Mom & Aunt Cindie; Cousin Jamie & family; My brother; My Aunt Diane & Uncle Kris; Aunt Barbie & family; My family; My Mom; Uncle Chris, his wife & Cousin Sabrina; Cousin Rob & family; and lastly, Grandma Grow.)
In honor of our family's journey to Utah today. The only one not pictured is Grandpa Grow, and that's because this was the layout for a mug we gave him for Christmas '08... we weren't sure he wanted to stare at himself. And if he had, then a mirror would've been more practical than a mug, eh? :)


Cherie said...

I am sorry to hear about your Grandma. I am so glad you were able to gather with your family to mourn and to celebrate (her life). It is so hard. {{{HUGS}}}}

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful montage of photos. So sorry for your loss.

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