Wordless Wednesday: One of Our Favorite Sites This Year

(Some friends & their kids were geniuses when building this Snow-tivity!  L2R: donkey, Mary, baby Jesus, & Joseph)


Kim said...

what an awesome way to reflect on the nativity.

Another thing, got something in the mail yesterday. Opened it last night. It's now hanging on the tree and I absolutely love it! Love it! Love it!

Thank you

Merry Christmas

Cherie said...

This is really cute! I have never seen anyone do that with snow people (they're people too ya know! ha ha)!!

Hey we got our ornaments in the mail - they are hanging on the tree and we LOVE them!!! Those are soooo cute!! Katie was thrilled that hers is on a longboard (wink!).
You are so talented and amazing!! Thank you Thank You Thank You!!!

Love ya

P.S. Text me sometime with your new number because I am a dork and for some reason when I enter the # and try and text it doesn't work. I still cannot text my own mother! Arggghhhh
Anywho text me someday so i will have it in my phone again :-D

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