What I Believe: The Journey

As I'm sitting in Snowville, I'm thinking my journey's feeling long...more to come...

"And we did go forth again in the wilderness..."
-1 Nephi 16:14


gigi said...

Sorry about your flat :) I think I was very flat this past weekend!

It's 85* here today. No snowsville here ever!

Ann Marie said...

Snowville? Oh no girl!!
We had a flat.. on a sunday.. on the way home from Disneyland. I feel for you.. I do!

Hope you return home safe soon.. XO

M-Cat said...

What the crap are you doing in Snowville? And where the H is Snowville? You should have come the long way home, you know, through the Salt Lake Valley...... : )

Cherie said...

What??? I have to find out about this on your blog??

S.I.F. said...

Oh no! I hope you got that bad boy changed easy peasy enough?

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