BLOGGERPALOOZA: Getting Outta Dodge...

So, yeah.  You read that right, I'm gone for the next few days to CONNECT and RE-CONNECT with some of my favorite bloggy ladies, in a cabin, in the woods....stop it!  None of us are Stephen King.  It's just the perfect way to meet with friends for the raddest dual-birthday weekend ever, in the most fabulous time of year (Autumn), with crisp rustling leaves everywhere.  So stick your horror story thoughts in your ear, cause this is gonna be fantastic and it's sooooo long overdue!

Remember my awesome friend Bakow Babble?  Got to meet Cherie and half of her family back in March.  Can't wait to spend more time with her....and her two daughters, Higgs & Reed It, I didn't get to meet the first time will be there as well, and they're both fab bloggers to boot!

Remember the Garden of Egan from last month?  Uh-huh.  She'll be there too.  And I really can't get enough Tauna-time, or Tauna-talents for that matter.  So I'm totally stoked to get to be with her too.

Then there's a WHOLE SLEW of phenomenal bloggers I've been following who'll I'll get to meet as well.  Like That's What She Said, Pink Cookies, Field of Heather, An Old Fashioned Girl, & {Mo}ments.  Seriously, you should all be jealous that I get to meet these gals.  They're like mega-celebrities in my life!

Could only get better if Nikki, Kim, Lisa Loo, Chels, DeNae, Connie, Camille, SIF, Cindy, Stacey, Sonora, Julie, Heidi D., Valerie, other Heidi D., Summer, Rosie, Brandie, Annie, J, Deb, Nicki, Gigi, Crash, Jen, other Jen, TSJ, Karen, and Crystal were with us as well!

Who'm I kidding?  It'd be great if you were ALL there.  Alas, we'll have to take on this blogosphere on one bite at a time!

So, while I'm away, let me leave you with a Linus-ism:

(Did I mention I'm the Linus Whisperer?  No lie.  I can TOTALLY read his mind!)
When I was out taking care of the animals the other night, I heard Linus thinking to himself:
"Man, I wish I had opposable thumbs!...for important things, like how mom opens that danged-rooster's pen!"

Have a great few days without me.  See ya back here again Tuesday or so!


{Mo} said...

YEA! It's finally time! I'm gettin ready to head out now and I'm super excited!

Kim said...

Be safe and have fun! See you in about 60ish hours or so.

ericksons said...

Sniff, sniff! I can totally understand why you're going and I really wish that I could be there, but...I'm going to be sad that you won't be around for a couple of days. I enjoy seeing your posts and reading your comments. I feel like we actually live in the same town. ;)

Nikki said...

A cabin in the woods, in fall with bloggy friends... sounds devine.... ohhh, I wish I was there with you! Have fun and I will try not to be jealous!!! I miss your funny comments already :(

karen★ said...

man, i'm jealous. i totally wish i could be there too, but I LOVE that you included me in that list! have an absolutely fabuloso time.

i will not be jealous. i will not be jealous. i will not be jealous. i will not be jealous. (it's not working yet!)

Valerie said...

That is so nice of you to include me in the list! I would have loved to meet all of you!!! Unfortunately, while you were all partying, I was taking an icky algebra test and studying for a genetics test next week. Glad you had fun.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a nice trip. Love the picture of Linus. I can hear him wishing for those thumbs too!

gigi said...

Thank you so very much for being so sweet as to make me feel so welcome at our Girls Gone Wild Bear Lake Weekend!!!! Can't wait till next year! Great pictures every one took. Way to rock it ladies!

Rosie said...

Man I wish I could have gone! I'm sure you had a blast and can't wait to hear all about it. Miss you....alot. I am going to pray that by some miracle you can move here and we can live happy ever after. You with me?

staceysmotheringmoments said...

I wish we were there too! But I hope you have a fabulous time without us! I can't wait to hear all the gory details...LOL

annie valentine said...

How do you get invited to these things? I'll be spending the weekend cleaning toilets, thank you very much.

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