What I Believe: His Smile = His Love

Yesterday, I got attacked.  A lot.

Yep, folks, it's finally happened.

Rodney's gone rogue since obtaining his harem of 3 hens (turns out #4 is ALSO a rooster---though kind of a scaredy-chicken---so we're down to 3)....not sure if it's his primal inner urges coming out (to procreate AND to be aggressive), or if he's ticked that one of his "girlfriends" was a dude.  (I've got dueling songs in my head right now, one by Aerosmith and the other by Tone Loc, and visions of Robin Williams dancing in knee highs and latex make-up.  But I digress.)

Where in all this am I going?

It was absolutely not pleasant, but I didn't even really get hurt, as he kept going after my polka-dotted muck boots....but then he went for further up my legs (which only had jeans to protect them) and my arms.  And Rodney bites hard
(Courtesy of Google Images)
But it turned out that I wasn't mad.  (Shocking, I know.)

Even after I was out amongst our plentiful sagebrush crop, trying to herd the birds back to the coop (and their new nesting boxes, compliments of Mr LKP's handiwork that morning), and getting attacked by this puffed-up Rodney (+ his spurs + his pinching & twisting beak) I was suddenly filled to the brim with happiness.

How is that possible, you say?......

Well, to the East there were some lingering, gently shadowed clouds between our place and the Blue Mountains.

To the West there was slate-colored sky mingling casually with some of those loitering clouds.

To the South, down the Gap, was the warmest irridesscent, shimmering light from a most creamy, buttery afternoon sun...which echoed off the abrupt gorge walls, while it sparkled and danced across the surface of the Columbia River.

It was a moment.  One that clearly stood out to me, because as I paused to gaze at the warm light, I could FEEL it.

I could feel His love for me. 

"Sometimes, we foolishly recite facts about the Father and the Son, mechanically, and---forgive us---preach to them, preen before them, and display our ignorance and pride.  Yet they are all-powerful and all-knowing; their works extend eternally, yet their love for each of us is personal, knowing, uncompromising, endless, perfect...They will never fail us---never in all eternity."     -Elder Richard G. Scott

I definitely smiled.

Following that moment was another moment, without any hesitation....and the lingering clouds creeped open just enough to sprinkle warm raindrops.  The ground was being delicately peppered in micro-drops....simply lilting, really. 

In THAT moment I could tell Heavenly Father was smiling back....for, through all the shimmering streaks of rain, the light was that much more radiant.  No matter the gray that had preceded those moments, suddenly there was His reassurance that all was calm, and all was truly bright.


By this point, I'd given up on Rodney having an awakening from his current tyranny and remembering all the time this summer & autumn spent on my arm, or shoulder, or head....just being MY rooster.  I decided to scoop him up in my arms and escort him to the coop.  (Luckily the others in the flock followed without protest.)

I won't lie, I have been a little heartbroken to see my little tiny rooster being all grown-up, and not needing or worrying about me anymore.  (Ya know, when the mama gets replaced by another woman kinda twinge of the heart.)  However, I'm proud of him for doing what he's supposed to do, with all the gusto he's got.

...And wouldn't ya know, after the warm rain that lifted my heart, came a rainbow.  A beautiful, full double-bow that spanned my entire Eastern sky.

And I knew.

I had felt the comfort of the Holy Ghost, and I could see where my Heavenly Father still cares, worries, and looks after my tender heart.  He knows when I need some extra sunshine.  He knows when I need His smile in my life.

...And it is true, I myself may be a bit of a bratty rooster to my Heavenly Father sometimes.  But I know He's proud of me for doing my best to take on my responsibilities in life...for fulfilling the measure of my creation.  He longs to hold me again, but wants me to continue doing what I'm here to do...and to do it with all I've got to give.

I'm grateful for the lesson I learned in the company of my rooster, and in the company of my Heavenly Father.

"...Just do the very best you can each day.  Do the basic things and, before you realize it, your life will be full of spiritual understanding that will confirm to you that your Heavenly Father loves you.  When a person knows this, then life will be full of purpose and meaning..."     -Elder M. Russell Ballard

I believe His smiles work the greatest miracles within my heart.
(His "smiles" = how I remember He loves me.)

(The video was posted by Hiyapapayaphoto, and I believe the group singing "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" is that of my favorite ladies, Mercy River.)

"There is something grand in the consideration of the fact that the Lord loves us with a most ardent love.  The love that a woman exercises toward her offspring cannot equal the love that God exercises toward us.  He never leaves us.  He is always before us, and upon our right hand and our left hand.  Continually He watches over us."    
-President Lorenzo Snow


gigi said...

L.O.V.E.D. this!

Connie said...

It's wonderful that our Heavenly Father shows his love for us at any given time. Beautifully post.

Julie said...

Such Truth!!

As for Rodney...well..the same thing happened with our rooster Brewster. It was like overnight he "changed". Unfortunately, we had to get rid of him because he was too mean to the little kids. It was amazing once he was gone how calm the hens became. Maybe they were tired of being "over sexed"! ha ha

Siera said...

You paint a beautiful picture. I absolutely love The Gorge. Going back to the Gorge is on my list of things to do.

Lisa Loo said...

And I thought my mind went a lot of different places all at once!! Robin Williams to Richard G. Scott--whew! :0)

Loved this tho---

And about my front porch. Did you mean the wreath and garland? I bought about 300 cheapo dollar store and Target and Wal Mart ornaments. {I had enough left over to do a little wreath for my Mom.}
Then I bought 3 $10 garlands at Target.
I secured one of the wreaths to a wire wreath. Then I took some old jewelry wire and would string some ornaments on and then secure it to the wreath or garland. You kind of just get a feel for it. Seriously--if you really want to know more---I can send pics or better yet--come visit---I'll help you make one!

But if you meant our wood entryway beams--they just came with the house. Sorry. I'm not that Martha...

M-Cat said...

Love this! One of my most favorite things about you is your ability to find the spiritual in everything you do!


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