What I Believe: Long Distance Running

It's rough, but consistence is necessary.

One of my favorite thoughts on this topic comes from Elder Hartman Rector, Jr...

"The Lord requires sacrifice, meaning something above and beyond the minimum.  The Master spoke of the "second mile" and told us to go there (see Matthew 5:41).  Why?  Because He wants to bless us and He put all the blessings in the second mile."  (Ensign, May 1979)

We can't hang up our shoes & give up the race simply because we begin to ache or we're tired of trying...or perhaps we feel it's too much to be expected of us.
Sacrifice = Our willful offering.

The Lord literally gave His life.
We should also be willing to give our life in return.
Like Job, any aspect...every aspect.
We've got to let it all go....and turn it over to Christ.
Then we are able to reach past the pain,  and find a reserve of strength & energy to complete the course.  And not just complete it, but relish in the victory with our Savior.

Remember that in the end, Job was rewarded twofold the blessings IN THE SECOND MILE!

Pondering more on Job's example makes me want to pause enough to tighten my laces, and keep on keepin' on.

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Stacey said...

Beautiful. I love this. I've become a runner and have discovered that the harder it is, the more rewarding it is in the end. Thanks for this thought.

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