The Blogs Are Alive, With the Sound of Titles!

(The SITS girls are hosting a back to blogging week this week with the third challenge being to re-post highlight a post title we're most particularly proud of.)

For today’s assignment, I am sharing a post I wrote back in January in the dead of what we consider winter around here...ya know, when the cabin fever has hit its highest pitch...?
Yeah, the title? 


So...Snow Day deets & pix?

The original plan was to make our annual trek to the Spout Springs/Tollgate, OR area for some fun in the snow (aka tubing, since we're wimps & don't ski or snowboard.  Sledding is where it's at, and snow angels is about how far beyond it goes and then abruptly STOPS).

Problem: MAJOR freezing rain throughout the Blue Mountains.

Kept crossing our fingers that the conditions would change (had planned to head out around 7am....).  They didn't.

Last minute switcheroo in the plans, and suddenly we were headed north to Mt. Spokane!  (This is where Heidi's forgiveness is necessary as it was such a sudden change of plans---literally in the car, at the gas station.  We almost wound up in Leavenworth, and then suddenly we felt we should go to Mt. Spokane.  Therefore nowhere near my laptop to email or to locate a phone number.  Sorry.  ::pouting::  It could have ONLY been better if we'd all gone together!)

So, Mt Spokane has this incredible kids Tubing Hill set-up with the platter pull to get us back to the top quickly.  (Mind you, it's no Activity Barn, but it is a far cry from old-fashioned "tube down-hike up" which you're exhausted from & ready to go home after only 2 go's of it!)

We had a great time.  Daisy was all about shooting the burm between the two sledding lanes...she even rode the burm most of the full-length of both lanes a couple times!  The guys running the platter pull were extremely impressed by her ambition & envious of her "style" on the snow.  They declared we needed to get her on skis or a board ASAP!


We hit the last session of the day, 5-8pm...awesome!  Earlier sessions are reminiscent of a visit to Santa at the mall, CUH-RAZY!  According to the staff overseeing the hill, we picked the best session (plus, the night tubing session is TWICE as long as the other sessions!  Talk about more bang for your buck). You wouldn't think you can actually tube over and over for 3 hours solid.  I assure you, it is SO possible!

So that was our adventure.  It was so great, we're definitely heading back up again this year.  Next time with the DeCourseys!

(LOL.  So Mr. LKP, upon looking at the pix later, declared it is his right & my duty to alert him to when he looks like a complete doofus....like when he wears his cover OVER his goggles, OVER his head.  Hee hee.  I told him I'd get that doofus memo on file for next time.)

Hope you have a marvelous family adventure worth remembering for forever this week!  


So there you have it.  

Why I loved that title so much, I'm not exactly sure.  
Perhaps, since I am not from Austria nor was I raised Catholic, but I've always had a HUGE affinity for The Sound of Music and wished I'd lived in that movie...perhaps it's just a phrase I've always wanted to use...Does that even make sense?  

Cause when I published it, I almost felt like I'd achieved a mini-life goal in that moment!  

...then again, maybe I'm just a tad on the nuts side of life.  (:

Either way, happy Tuesday!

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