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I know what you're thinking.... "Why?  What could one possibly do with seven cufflinks?  SEVEN, really?!  That's not even enough for four groomsmen in a swanky wedding..."
Push all your doubts aside, and fear no more, for the 7 links referred to are blog links... and this project acts like the links on an incredible chain uniting "...bloggers (from all sectors) in a joint endeavor to share lessons learned and create a bank of long but not forgotten blog posts that deserve to see the light of day again.”

The project got kicked off by Tripbase Blog, and I must thank Linda at 2BrownDawgs.com for being so kind as to nominate us to participate in this most ambitious "My 7 Links" Blog Introspective, (here).

So here goes:

1.  My most beautiful post

One Little Click -->  Not gonna lie, the particular morning of this post was beautiful.  I may not have been at that hour of the day, but the morning was nonetheless.  And it was inspiring as well.  Taught me a very valuable lesson.  (+ It involved my camera, so doubly-beautiful!)

2.  My most popular post

Little of This...Little of That -->  Not sure what all the fuss is about.  This post wasn't the longest, didn't have the greatest photography, and I certainly didn't pour a whole lotta classic LKP charm into it.  So I can only assume that it was the title that made it so popular.  According to the stats (which never lie, right?)  This has consistently been our most popular post of all time for well over the past 18 months, with darn near 3,000 pageviews.  ::shrugs::  I don't get it.  Maybe its more stellar than I originally (or currently) thought?!

3.  My most controversial post

WHAT I BELIEVE: Battle Cry -->  I don't like controversy, cause it's Siamese-twin is contention.  However, there are some sacred things in this life that are worth defending.  As a child who sat front-row to her parents' multiple divorces, and now as a witness to the disintegration of many of my friends' & family members' marriages, I've had enough.  Some people view marriage as an outdated institution.  Others feel marriage is like abstract art, and open for any twisted interpretation that fits their own personal agenda... whether through infidelity (in person or online), sexual abuse, or any of the litany of violations constantly committed against the sanctity of marriage & family.  Therefore, this post was a risk and a half considering the instant digital-age we live in, and how easy it is for backlash to tear a voice-of-reason to shreds.  But, I stand by it and will to the bitter end.  It's time we all grew up a little more, and shifted back towards the more wholesome values of yesterday.  For preservation's sake, people!

4.  My most helpful post

Where's My Travel Agent? -->  More than I could've realized,
I needed to get these thoughts moved from just tumbling around in my head, to typed, and organized in front of my eyes.  When life's too overwhelming and I find myself wussing out, this post always helps put things back in perspective.

5.  A post whose success surprised me

"My Yoke is Easy, and My Burden is Light..." -->  This life often feels as though we're Meryl Streep, facing deadly odds & rapids in "The River Wild."  (Remember that flick?  Terrifying.  Totally showed my age, didn't I?)  Excuse the drama here, but it can feel like that every second of every day.  Then again, perhaps its just me.  Either way, around the time I wrote this post, I felt I was clinging to the rope on the side of my raft, taking on water, and barely able to catch my breath.  MEMO: There's redeeming hope... for all of us.  It reminds me of a t-shirt I saw at a truck stop this week.  The shirt had a red & white theme to it, with appropriate symbols (such as a life-ring), and said, "LIFEGUARD: Mine Walks on Water"... told ya...  Redeeming hope.  So, posting this was a success in and of itself! 

6.   A post I feel didn’t get the attention it deserved:

My Husband is Like Well-Aged Cheese -->  Perhaps some people don't love cheese like I love cheese.  I assure any potential readers that in this post I am most definitely NOT referring to any stinky cheeses, as my husband's similarities to well-aged cheese has absolutely NOTHING to do with odor.  Or funk.  Well, he CAN be funky at times, but more in a far-out manner, and less in a grotesque manner.  I promise.  Go ahead now, read on.....
(Image Courtesy of Google Images)

7.  The post that I am most proud of

To the Moon -->  The passing of my Grandfather is still a fresh wound.  The best healing I have experienced, and continue to experience, is from the peace I find in recalling all he's given me.  (In WHAT I BELIEVE: His Family's Hero, the rest of our tribute can be found.  In all he gave me, one of my most cherished gifts was the warmth felt while "Taps" was being played.  Read more about it there.  It was peace, and comfort.  It was truth testified yet again in this mortal journey.  A truth confirmed by the Holy Spirit, aka the Comforter.  I'm so grateful for embraces Heavenly Father sends through the Holy Ghost!)  When I grow up, I want to be just like my grandfather in character & integrity... in love for those around me... in honor & humility.
(My grandfather & I, camping.)
I enjoyed going back, reminiscing & rereading some of the older posts--- and being shocked that I, in fact, wrote this stuff!  (Sometimes I forget that I can write and have it turn out to be half-interesting.  Lol.)  Thanks again to Linda for the nomination!  And now, (...drumroll, please...) for MY SIX NOMINATIONS (the list's been checked twice, so I'm not duplicating):

Ruffled Sunshine.  Jenn is more than extremely talented, she's an eclectic-genius with a creative vibe beating in her chest.... and talent dancing across everything she touches.  This gal has an incredible eye.  Understated perfection.  Never over the top.  Seriously, Jenn can make a gunny sack seem couture, thanks to just the right details!  She's a whiz with vinyl, Valspar paint, chicken salad, sea salted caramel dip, friendship bracelets, and any fabric & thread!  Visit her.  You won't be disappointed nor will you come away uninspired.

Bakow Babble.  Cherie is amazing.  'Nuff said.  This woman can cook.... and bake... and laugh... and movie-watch... and travel... and sing Bon Jovi.... and dance.... and wear red lips.... and party-plan... and love her family better than most people out there.  With her, its never about the facade of life.... it's always about LIVING up every last ounce of the moment!  Her faith is refreshing.  Her testimony she never preaches, instead she lives it.   Yep.  Someday I'll be 1/1000th as phenomenal as Cherie!

Single Infertile Female: now what?   SIF is 100%; no holds barred.  She tells it how it is, and I admire her frankness.  The beauty she offers in her little place on the web is SIF's honesty & courage.  Not just in her fierce stare-down with infertility, but in all aspects of her life.  Perhaps walking the journey with her, as she processes the snot-rags life's handed her, in turn helps me process through my own battle with secondary-infertility.  I know I love how cathartic it is to read her posts.  I love that she's genuine.  I love that she's humorous.  I love her tenacity.  SIF's a strong woman, and an example to me.  Give her a listen/read.  You'll be amazed at how instantly you'll feel compelled to cheer her on... out loud... REALLY LOUD.  

Welcome to the Garden of Egan.  Tauna is the real deal here people!  She's a nurse, so there's her priceless "Ask a Nurse" feature, chock-full of pearls of medical wisdom.  She loves pedicures in the sand, and dislikes oodles of snow for long periods of time.  Tauna's also a food-virtuoso, having mastered delish homemade salsa, hand-dipped chocolates & "Christmas Pickles."  (Trust me.  I've had them ALL in person.  DE-VINE!)  She's crafty in all the best ways, cause they usually involve giving said crafts to others..... she's sweet like that.  Tauna's also a talented gardener, and true shutterbug!  Her timing & wit are priceless, and she'll be the first one to turn the corners of a frown upside down.  She warms my soul, and I'm so glad she's my friend!

That's What She Said.  M-Cat's spunkiness is beyond infectious!  She's always thinking... always putting it out there... always M, and nothing less - not for anyone.  Her vernacular leads to fits of laughter, and entertaining mental pictures.  She's an exquisite verbal illustrator!  She's a super-wife... a super-mom... a super-Mimi... a marathon superstar... a super "crafter" (on a whole other level)... and to her young women at church, she is a super-fantastic leader!  Her grasp on life, love, spirituality, family, and zest for life will hook ya... from the beginning.  Adore her!

AnnieValentine.  Seriously, the girl's all PRO when it comes to putting words together.  Her writing skills leave me to shame, and in constant fits of laughter.  No wonder she's regularly published.  She and her family recently relocated to Germany due to her husband's work.  This geographic upheaval in their lives has provided even more comic relief in Annie's day2day, and more tear-inducing laughter from her audience.  She's a must-read!  Come, visit, be captivated.

Please help keep the chain strong...
and pay these FABULOUS-O bloggers a visit.  I cannot wait to see what they will choose to share as their 7.

These peeps = some of my favorites.  No lie folks.
They're what life-long friends are made of!  ::hugs::


2browndawgs said...

I knew you would pick some amazing posts and you sure did. I enjoyed reading those archived posts (most I had never read). I agree that the post about your Grandfather is one you can be very proud of.

Can't wait to go and check out your nominees!

NaDell said...

All great posts. =) It's fun to remember old poss and see where you've grown (and by you, I mean me...)

Anonymous said...

Holy pressure batman!!!

Awwww - really, thanks for the kind words and shout out. Now to go find my 7 ........might take me a little bit.

Love yer guts girl!


S.I.F. said...

Oh friend... you have no idea how much I love you! Thank you for all the kind words!

And just for the record - I adored your aged cheese and hubby comparison. But then... you know how I feel about cheese! ;)

Valerie said...

Oh, I sure hope I get time to go read all those posts of yours that I didn't get to read before (I remember some) and to read the other blogs that I haven't visited before.

Just wanted to stop by and say thanks so much for your totally kind comment on my blog recently. I had such a hard week last week and it helped to see something nice. :)

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