"My yoke is easy, and my burden is light..."

TODAY I AM GRATEFUL FOR THESE 6 WORDS: "YOU ARE JUST WHO I NEEDED." A cherished friend said this to me today, and I have say they are the most healing phrase. I didn't just hear the words, I felt them in my soul! Following the experience, my mind has been somersaulting the phrase over and over...and from that whirling came some great enlightenment. First, I know how I felt changed when the comment came from someone I highly value. Considering that impact, how could those same words affect individuals I sometimes take for granted. Perhaps my daughter would have a better grasp of my love for her. Maybe my husband would be more aware of his great worth. And the ripple-effect could reach far beyond this immediate scope. Second, as the words echoed in my head, I felt the Spirit confirm my worth and witness unto me that my capacities can and will be expanded. As though Heavenly Father was directly telling me "You are just who I need." I am reminded of my divine nature and the roles I have inherited as His daughter, especially at this exact time & place. We all have purposes we have been foreordained to fulfill, and not another soul could do what He needs each of us to do. Lastly, since several of us sisters from Pasco 8th Ward were discussing and focusing on Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge's talk "The Way" tonight, my thoughts have really been on Jesus Christ. Not often enough do we turn to the Savior and say, "You are just who I need." I know I'm a very strong-willed, independent person when it comes to relying on others. That indicates to me that I definitely have room to improve on this. He is 'the way', He is the ONLY WAY! He is JUST who I need more than ever! May we all exercise the power of this phrase more frequently and genuinely. And May we have our Holy Ghost ears on, as well as our spiritual eyes opened to the blessings extended to us when we turn to Christ and say, "You are JUST who I need."

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The Evanites Tribe said...

thank you for bringing tears to my eyes again...last night was amazing. i felt the same as i do at the temple. i am spiritually feed and i feel like my oil lamp is brimming! keep inspiring me!

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