Where the deer and the antelope play...

TODAY I AM GRATEFUL FOR HOME. As far as Fridays go, today seemed to be by far one of my longest. Big holiday decorating festival took place from 8am-6:30pm! My coworker and I had autumn to take down and winter to put up, as well as damage-control kinda cleaning to do...it was QUITE the undertaking. I came home drained, to find my house immaculate due to the missionaries coming over for dinner. (Remind me to have them over more often!) The table was already set, Seth made dinner, Daisy and the missionaries played card games, and then Daisy decided to teach one of the elders how to play her violin! The best part was the honest to goodness laughter that filled our home throughout the evening...with the most symphonic encore around the table as we shared stories with each other and literally laughed ourselves to tears! Despite feeling physically tapped from the day, I felt fantastic and content with where I was...I was home! Not just standing within the 4 walls of my house, but I was AT HOME with family I love, company we enjoy, warm nutritious food, the peace the priesthood brings, and laughter enough to make our eyes red and our faces sore! It was one of the greatest nights. We, as a people, too often take being at home for granted. There is no justifiable reason that the home should ever be a place where you cannot feel AT HOME. Eliminate the contention...increase the love...giggle & laugh more...be the change you want!

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