One Little Click on the Dial

Amazing what a difference one little thing can make.... like one little click on the dial of my camera.
One little click will take everything from a stubborn grasp on the darkness, to letting all the warm, loveliness of dawn flood in.....

...one little click is all it takes to breathe again.

How often is it a matter of one little click in our own lives?

Do we choose to take that tiny step that makes our day rather than breaking it?

For instance, I could've grumbled at 5am today, glared at the clock and then rolled over and back into an attempt to milk every last drop out of dreamland.  Instead I chose to advance one more click by getting up, putting on my jacket & boots, and feeding the animals early.  As the light started to seep over the Blue Mountains and into another day on the Ranch, I was taken by the sunrise....so much so that I ran into the house & grabbed my camera.

In one word: Glorious!

Does that mean I was at my supermodel best out there amidst the sagebrush that's taller than me in some places?  Absolutely not.  Matter of fact, you must know how comical I must have appeared to the orchard workers rolling into work, as there I was in all my draggletailed brilliance.... swiss-cheese gray sweats, stuffed into my cowgirl boots.... hoodie irresponsibly zipped over a ratty Mighty Mouse t-shirt (as if that was more than sufficient to pull it altogether).... hair on-end to salute the sun in some places, including some unruly greasie bangs.  Let me tell ya, I was a stunner!  You'd have all been extremely proud. 

Point-being, none of it phased me as I had chosen one more click on the dial this morning.  I chose to be IN the morning, IN the day from the beginning.  What a difference it's made in the rest of my day and my attitude towards all I need to accomplish.  Rather than race back to bed now that all the animals have been let out to stretch & exercise....all have been fed....and Mini-Me made it safely on the bus; instead I have been able to snag some satisfying photos & have relished in a lovely mug of hot cider!

What a day already!
All because of one little click on my dial.


Want a prescription that helps advance that dial a little more smoothly? 

Pick up Mindy Gledhill's new album Anchor!  It's great dose of incredibly whimsical, airy, infectious feel-good everything wrapped up so sweetly in an mild-mannered CD.  You can't help but feel blissful, and drop the hesitation about one more little click on your dial when listening to her tender melodies!

(Purchased the album myself.  Review above is my own personal opinion.  In no way am I being compensated for my opinion of Ms. Gledhill's work.  I just really love it, and my heart connects with it....so I want everyone to have that same bright spot in their listening experience.  Just sayin'.)


Garden of Egan said...

You are so deep I'm not sure how you tolerated a weekend at the shallow eganz house?

Click of the dial? Really?
I definitely need to embrace 0500 instead of using the swearwords I wanna say.

So what setting did you use?

I'm missing you too by the way. Looking forward to seeing ya in a few!!!!

Kim said...

I too love how the "click of button" changes our attitudes for the whole day. I too have had many experiences when I wake up with greasie bangs and begin my fresh start living in the moment but most of all living for the moment.

This is my second post, so I tried to remember what I wrote before but it didn't work. Oh well. You get the it.

Lisa Loo said...

Your blog is always my click of the dial----

Not that I've learned to embrace it yet--but at least i think about it :0)

Cherie said...

That is really beautiful - Glad you captured it!!
Now, down to business, if you try and wake me up anywhere near 5:00 something a.m. next week you might get "clicked...I mean Kicked"!! Ha Ha Ha I slay myself - OK I am just weird!

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