How Handy-Dandy is THIS?!?

Was going through my LDSLiving email, and this little gem totally jumped out at me!  Probably because I was just thinking how I really don't have a good handle on our food storage's inventory, while on my most recent trip to the pump house.  (The pump house is where all my food storage is---I say 'all' as if it's Midas' treasure room, ha!  I meant, where my puny stash of a food storage attempt is located.)

So imagine how happy I was to have this little analyzer drop in my lap!  I've tried to put together my own inventory calculator (with excel) in the past, but that's a very daunting, overwhelming feat to accomplish.  So it's partially done...as in the excel skeleton of a calculator in excel is done.  NONE of the inventorying got started...

So, I'm gonna see about giving it a whirl, and truly test its usefulness in my life.  I love the fact that it's free....should make giving it a whirl a lot more enjoyable!  Want to try it out yourself?  Click here
And have fun!

(I'm off to prep for church, should be fun since I get to teach the 17 & 18 year olds about the beginning of Isaiah tomorrow.  I LOVE Isaiah!!!  Happy Saturday everyone.)


jen said...

brad felt the same way about this. Handy little item, no?

Kim said...

Hey You! You don't have to wait until November to read the conference addresses. Right now on www.lds.org they have a part on the main page you can go to, to read parts of the talks. Just below each segment there is a part that states watch the entire RS General Board Meeting. It is awesome! Some of the best parts are already out in word so they can be easily quoted.

Hope this helps you so you can actually see it instead of having to wait.

chat with you soon.

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