Grateful for Texts from the Dog House

"Chillin with my homie"


S.I.F. said...

Why is this making me laugh so hard?!?!

Cherie said...

Yeah, so you know my weird comment from last night where I was overtired and just...strange cause I love ya!
Yeah, well it is even worse this morning cause we have a SNOW DAY here - Yahoo!!

So when I clicked on this post I just started laughing my guts out - Love the staring contest - ha ha - Crack up!

Happy December 1st Chickie!

LKP said...

funny part about this pic, is the fact that I DID NOT BANISH MR LKP TO THE DOG HOUSE! lol. nope, instead he had slipped inside to see if it was adequately warm enough in there for Hula & Linus. but doesn't that pic look otherwise? lol. he certainly cracks me up! :)

M-Cat said...

Now I am wondering who won the staring contest!
Funny pic

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