Things I'm Currently Obsessed With:

Healing, for starters.  
(It's slowly happening, but happening it IS.)

My family.  
We're pretty amazing, 'nuff said.  No apologies.
Their shampoos (especially Daddy-O's crushed violets & lemon = sumptuous), conditioners, various other bathe-worthy items & cosmetics made from yummy fresh stuff are heavenly!  Hey, if fresh is great for the insides then its gotta be fab for our outsides too - not to mention our sanity.

They get the job done with minimal effort on my part.  Win-win, yes.

Launching LatchKeyPhotography even further. 

My new fave photog resource site -
PhotoBusinessTools.com - their webcasts are so helpful.  
The "Amys" are geniuses, really.

Gusty Ridge Ranch's 2nd attempt at a garden.  
It's huge this year, and still growing.  And I LOVE it!  Have needed some time reconnecting with my Creator via having my hands in the dirt & some much-needed one on one time with Mr LKP.
Nature's Miracle Skunk Odor Remover.
Sounds silly, but here on the ranch this year has already been THE worst for skunk stench on the critters.  Hula & Willow zero in on the skunk, living OR dead, and either provoke it OR roll all over in it.  Sad part is when they dart in the house all sabotage-like and roll in linens or on their beds BEFORE we smell it!  Oh man, then it takes days to get the funk out of the house.  Enter Nature's Miracle to the rescue, which I picked a quart up at PetCo. for less than $20.  After 5 minutes of the stuff, we then wash the dogs down with a magic mix of hydrogen peroxide, Dawn dish soap, baking soda, & hot water.  Voila!  The ranch is rescued from yet another Pepe-le-Putrid adventure...at least until the girls find something else rancid enough that we get to do it all over again.

Summer 2012.  
This is the first time I'm actually slowing down & it FEELS like slowing down since a year ago.  It's a much-needed time of rest.  So please excuse & forgive me if I'm hit & miss, or it even seems as if I've fallen off the Earth.  It's not that I don't love you or a good soiree.  It's just that I'm exhausted & burnt out... + it's time for me to regroup.

There's a litany of other things I'd adore to be obsessed over right now, however my plate is quite full.  (I haven't even the energy to Pinterest like before.)  So I'll share more obsessions as my capacity increases.  But for now, know that things are good.  Slow-moving.  Simple.  But oh so good!



Valerie said...

So glad to hear that things are good!! Hope your recover keeps coming along.

Spashop said...

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