Grateful for the Saturday After Thanksgiving

Forget the turkey on Thanksgiving.

Forget Black Friday & its shopping mayhem.

Our favorite part each year is the Saturday-after-Thanksgiving!

Not only was today a lovely day, simply because it's been a stay-at-home-in-our-most-cozy-socks day (complete with hot cocoa sippin', Christmas decorating, Super Mario Brothers playing and old movie watchin'), but it's super important to Mr LKP and I.

Curious as to why???

Well 9 years ago, tonight, Mr LKP & I ran into each other for the 2nd time since our graduation night, which took place over 3 years prior (the first time we saw each other since grad-night was 4 months earlier, and it was simply a "hello" hug & catch-up in passing that lasted MAYBE 3 minutes tops).

Despite having grown up together since the 1st grade, we had never done more than be round about friends.  We shared not only our small hometown roots, but we were 2 of a total of 4 active LDS kids in our grade all growing up.  Therefore we never dated, since it would've been "weird" I guess as it was always more like me & my 3 brothers when it came to those guys.  (One of those 3 guys wound up marrying my best girlfriend, lol.  Small world.)

So, 9 years ago, tonight, we happened to run back into each other...shared some great laughs, had a great time, and decided hanging out was completely rad!

Subsequently we were inseparable from there on out....and were married civily only a few months later.....and then sealed, with Mini-Me, in the Columbia River Temple for time & all eternity (which is a VERY long time---so, good thing we decided we super-liked each other by then!).

Thanksgiving is kind of a VERY important holiday in our lives.  One we're extremely grateful for....even the typical Thanksgiving boredom that comes as well, when you feel like you've exhausted all other activity ideas for the weekend.  If it weren't for that bordeom, neither he nor I would've been away from our families that night....in the exact same place.

We wouldn't have what we have now...
which may not be perfect, but it IS bliss!
(Photo courtesy of Darin Warnick Photography)
And that is why I'm so very grateful for the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your Saturday night.
Hope it's warm & cozy!


Kim said...

LOve the picture! Love the story. We were all home today, all except Brendon. It was fun. We enjoyed the day, once the arguing was under control and went to see Tangled. Cute movie. Now we are snuggled close together watching movies. It has been an awesome day. Glad you are enjoying yours.


Lisa Loo said...

Sweet post! I LOVE that movie and stay at home Saturdays AND romantical stories! That pic of you and your hubs is PERFECT---{deep sigh}.

Chels said...

Maw! I LOVE the picture! What a cute story! :)

gigi said...

Amen, Sistah.

LKP said...

thanks to all you ladies! you're right, it is a great story. and he's sooooo dang handsome! couldn't ask for a better best friend, or a more perfect husband for me. :)

erickson zone said...

What a cool story! I've got goose bump chills all down my arms.

Garden of Egan said...

OH, that is a darling picture!!!!

You are only the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!

Hope you had best time ever!!!!!

Nikki said...

You guys are just too cute :D Gorgeous photo.
What a beautiful story... you're right eternity is a long time, lucky you married your best friend ;)

Cherie said...

I already knew your story but I love hearing it again and it is most definately a GREAT and SUPER FANTASTIC reason to love the Saturday after Thanksgiving!
The picture with the frame amazingly cute, but then just about everything you do is amazingly cute :-D
Um...it might be just a tad past my bedtime. I am little tipsy right now. Not what your thinking...tooo many cookies cookie :-D
Remember that funny game we played at the cabin where we had to think of the answer to the question - Yeah I need to play that again soon.
Have sweet little dreams and here's to next year the Saturday after Thanksgiving!!

Cherie said...

P.S. I totally swear on my alive mother's grave that my word verification for the last comment was STONO - Bawwww ha ha ha ha

Yeah I better go to bed.

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