DDD: DAY SIX - recent creation.

I put these together for my Beehives. Tomorrow marks my first Sunday teaching them, using the new curriculum.

Kinda nervous, but excited.

With the shift in teaching approach I've decided also to take a slight shift with my handouts for them.

I want these handouts to be useful as they strive towards earning their Young Womanhood Medallion.

I want these to help them in their efforts of in righteous living.

I want these to be engaging...by giving them a Personal Progress insert for their "small plates" from last week, the handouts hopefully become almost a living document that will assist them in their daily journeys.

I love my Beehives, and I love The Lord. Hopefully these handouts with the new curriculum & the Holy Ghost will bring these two loved of mine closer together.

::fingers crossed::

#youngwomen #lds #personalprogress #ilovemycalling

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mCat said...

Great handouts. Our presidency gave the girls and each leader a journal for the year to keep feelings and goals in for each lesson. I'm loving this new curriculum. I teach tomorrow too and the girls asked for the lesson on How to know my Heaveny Father. So good!

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