DDD: DAY FIVE - favorite piece of home.

Nothing has the ability to make anywhere in the world feel like "home" the way unconditional love does.

Sullivan doesn't necessarily exude lovey-dovey vibes like most cats. Matter of fact, despite his Siamese appearance, Sully's given us every indication that he's really a surly, bitter old Cold War ex-patriot who is well-versed in the art of torture.

Yes, he's that kinda guy, so when he chooses to extend love, it is a very passionate, indelible display of affection. Whether out of gratitude for a roof over his head & food in his bowl, or for getting to the soft tuft of fur under his chin just right or for playing him beautiful hymns, when his love comes it is fierce!

Kind of reminds me of a gruff grandfather. Because grandpa already loves you he most fervently drives his grandchild to meet difficult expectations, yet inside he's overwhelmed with love & pride for them. And they might only get a partial curl of a smile at the corners of his mouth, but those slightly turned lips feel like the most radiantly warm sunlight washing over that child, and despite his gruffness they still know they've done well in his eyes. Does that sound familiar or make sense?

Yeah, quiet but fierce love. That's one of the greatest forces behind achievement. It's what we crave. It's what Sullivan gives.

Continuously Sully teaches me that if I work hard, great honor will come.

That universal truth of unconditional love applies to all aspects of our lives (physical, mental, spiritual). Applies even to our relationship with our Heavenly Father. It is perfectly summed up in an ancient Turkish proverb: "Abundance is from activity."

Activity requires action in our lives; requires we do our part.  Does it mean we won't be loved if we opt not to do our part?  No.  Just means we'd miss out of the greater depth or compounding, rich abundance of the love we experience.   

How so?  Fundamentally speaking, we are loved unconditionally...from the get-go. Therefore we are loved regardless of our mistakes. Granted we don't like and are probably self-conscious of missteps in our life, but they are a necessary reality.

The thing to remember is that the sweetness of existing love ripens and greater abundance of love comes as we continue to work hard to learn from our mistakes & fix them within ourselves...with others...with God.

Same is true with Sullivan. I may pet him the wrong way or even stop petting him, which he lets me know disappoints/angers him. But he does allow for me to get it right, which yields double the love he gave before.

Sully & his lessons definitely bless my life.

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