DDD: DAY FOUR - bag of tricks.

I'm not a girly-girl, mind you.

Being a mom keeps my bag full of ALL sorts of tricks of the trade...

Being a photographer keeps my bag full of things to keep my life running close to on time, plus spare parts that would make little sense to others, yet the world of difference on a shoot for a freezing cold client or to save a last minute hair catastrophe (which we all know hair items aren't for me since I don't have any left these days ::snicker::).

My bag of tricks reminds me of what a MacGuyver I've had to become in life.

I remember being younger and always feeling out of sorts, albeit with my hair or my clothes misbehaving.  It would sometimes be so severe I would want to spontaneously burst out in tears simply because things would be out of place.  Other people I'd see with polish and things tucked in just right.  I'd see control, and I envied that.

Nowadays I've picked up some secrets along the way.  I've become resourceful.  And I've realized that polish is surface-deep.  Control is a facade.  They're both bi-products of some well-protected trade secrets... safety pins here, a belt with secret elastic there, bobby pins hidden everywhere... It's all undetectable from a distance.  And a lot of it is only what we WANT to see.

Let's face it, in everyday real life we don't have wardrobe or a make-up artist or a hair stylist at our beck & call every moment of everyday.  Our homes don't, for the most part, have a team of stylists on-hand readjusting & dusting every square inch every two minutes.

I've learned to let it go.

Life's imperfect.
Life is full of character.
Life requires a well-rounded bag of tricks to keep us feeling comfortable about our lot in life, and to keep the spontaneous bursts of tears at bay.

You'd be amazed with what bobby pins and a gum wrapper can really do.

#lovebeingamom #lovebeingaphotographer


2browndawgs said...

I am loving this series and to see you posting so often. :)

Garden of Egan said...

Love your awesome MESSY bag. I could probably be very happy searching in there!


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