DDD: DAY SEVEN - work.

First of all, it's not happening today, since today's the Sabbath.

Second, besides the Sabbath (the day of rest), the most prime opportunity for choice family time happens on Sunday. Whether we observe Sunday Scrabble Day or Sunday-Go-Visit-Grandparents Day, it is a day that needs to be spent together...without distractions. Hence not only do we not work, but I've followed a dear friend of mine in starting a revolutionary new observance in 2013: Cell-Free Sundays!

LOVE Cell-Free Sunday! It means no cellphones or tech gadgets that otherwise steal our attention away from what's really most important, or that detract from the quality of time spent with family. Ever tried to have a face-to-face conversation with a texting teenager? Or the busy work-from-home parent? Yeah. Then you smell what I'm cooking here. So my phone goes off --no lie, powered DOWN-- by 10pm on Saturday night and isn't turned back on until at least 10pm on Sunday...if not Monday morning. Only tech I use in Sunday now is my tablet, and that's strictly to share educational videos to my class at church.

The liberation that comes simply from removing the embilical cord between my phone & me for a whole 24hrs is quite a relief. One of our extremely athletic young women at church mentioned that any tournament team she plays for KNOWS she will not play in any games that fall on Sunday. Not only is the Sabbath day sacred & holy to her, so she wants to observe it freely without games in the way, but she said she literally HAS to have Sunday to rest for if she continually played at her competitive pace 7 days a week she knows it would kill her physically. K-I-L-L her....as in her heart would give out on her at an early age or her body would wind up crippled before she could reach her prime.

Similarly to this wise young woman's athletic pace, my brain steamrolls through the station at a mind-blowing speed...getting the engine to slow down is not an easy task.

There are too many ideas racing through my synapses faster that the speed of light! Compound that with the distractions of work or my cellphone, and yeah, I stay up working through ideas all hours of the day (even multiple days solid) with zero sleep, I easily forget what day it really is, my family winds up neglected in many domestic ways, my testimony & relationship with my Father in Heaven deteriorates & loses its luster, plus I fail to stay grounded long enough to fully recharge, so I wind up unwell in all aspects of my life.

This is why I absolutely NEED the Sabbath, and why I find that I'm CRAVING Cell-Free Sunday.

It's now a necessity, and blissful at the same time.

That being said, the work that started in motion earlier this week will pick right up bright & early Monday morning, before i have to be rolling with another training.

I cannot wait for this project to come to fruition. Gonna be fun & amazing all at once!

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Garden of Egan said...

So wise!
Cell free Sunday should be a national holiday.

You need to be sure to take care of you!!!

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