In Other News

Had a fun family shoot last week and, as a result, 
a larger workflow which I've been chipping away at this week.

Have been gutting & re-organizing the teenager's room of all the stuff she doesn't know what to do with, so instead it's been stock-piling.  Hard work.  The most rewarding part, though, is hearing her say how much more she likes her life when it's purged of all the distractions & confusion.  
Just thinking...can't we all relate to that statement?

Lastly, I'm prepping for this week's lesson on self-discipline.  
Should be a good one, and in my humble opinion, the timing couldn't 
be better since the girls are gearing up to start a new year of school in a matter of days. 

Almost forgot, infertility treatment efforts have started... and oh yeah, I cut my hair! 
(La-la-la-LOVE it!)  Liberation from oppression of any form is delicious... even if it's just from a dusty old womb or too much lackluster hair.  Feeling like myself again!
(Those are sunglasses, NOT headgear - lol!)
So that's our most current update from the Ranch.  Hope all's well with each of you. 
Please keep your fingers crossed for us & maybe a baby. 
Plus, feel free to use the handout below if you find it pertinent to your needs.  ::hugs::


jen said...

One of my favorite stories ever is of that violinist. What a great way to start the school year.

And my fingers and toes and arms and legs are crossed for you. Miracles happen. Really they do.

Garden of Egan said...

Love the hair.
totally you!!!

Good luck with the fertility efforts.
Practice practice practice!!!!!

wendy said...

Not head gear eh...HA HA HA, that was funny.
I love Tauna's advice of PRACTICE,...she is a nurse ya know, so you best follow her advice.

S.I.F. said...

Self discipline... now there is a lesson I could use! (as I eat a carrot cake cupcake with cream cheese icing).

LOVE the hair, and cannot wait to hear how the treatments go friend!

Chels said...

Good luck with the fertility stuff! Also, your hair is super cute! Aaaaand I'm pretty much 100% jealous of your preeeetty eyes!

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