Snappin' & Hoppin'... and Snappin' & Hoppin'.

That's been my life lately. I confess, I LOVE it that way!  (Not the living life frantically part, but the snapping like crazy part.)  Safe to say things have been busy on the LatchKey Photography front.  Hence the snap part.

I've been so blessed to have been able to keep my shutter flying.  Whenever my camera bag sits collecting dust too long, my artistic side feels stifled.  Makes me sad.

So THIS busy-ness brings me joy.

It also helps having lovely, adventurous people to photograph... sends my creativity through the rough!  :)

So if you feel you can spare a moment or so, hop on over to the LKP site to see what's shakin' & bakin'.


(Lil' Miss Jordyn is perfect in every way.  10 precious fingers, 10 precious toes, and 1 thoroughly ecstatic family to finally have her here.  For more from her shoot, go here.)

(Mr LKP was my assistant for this shoot.  As you can see, it was NOT a boring time; the group of us simply had too much fun!  For more from Miss B's shoot, go here.)


Valerie said...

Wow! Pics are fantastic, as always!!!

2browndawgs said...

Great pictures!

Garden of Egan said...

I could use your brainphotosmartness!

Kazzy said...

You are one talented lady! Love the board shot. ;)

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