First's Rock.

My first baby pretty much rocked the Casbah.
...and her first day of her sophomore year did the same.

Our first full brood of chicks were out in abundance on that same first day of school for Mini-Me... which was a complete surprise since we didn't even know that that hen's nest even EXISTED,
all covert-like up in the insulation beneath our tack shed!

Now, me tending to invalid critters is not new but, in place of my own baby leaving our summer nest and heading to school, I now have "Tiny Tim/Tilly" to baby & nurse back to health, as he/she's my first run-in with Wry Neck.  Which less than rocks... poor baby, wants to crane his/her neck all the way around to upside down constantly.  Have done MOST things today one-handed, because without the support & security of being held, he/she gets extremely distressed & starts to flail about.  Good thing my trusty warm-in-the-microwave "Buckwheat/Rice Sock" came to the rescue of our
little sweet thing & my wrist!  I might actually get to feed myself once today.  :)
Sometimes it's not pretty results, but I'm dang determined that this  
first Wry Neck ordeal WILL ALSO ROCK, with wonderful results in the end!

(But say some chicken prayers & cross some fingers just in case, though, okay?)


mCat said...

Oh.... I would so cuddle the wry neck and love it right back to full strength!

2browndawgs said...

Hope the chick is OK!

S.I.F. said...

Mini-Me is turning into such a gorgeous adult! And, um, cutest little chicklet ever!

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