Heartbreaking Sidenote

Sweet Clara, for whom we ran a 5k for last summer, has enjoyed the blessing of spending 8 healthy & happy months with her family.  That was, at least, until Father's Day this year.  That was her last "normal" day.  Since then it's been a matter of waiting for when.

Hospice is involved at this point, and there have been plenty of times in the past few weeks where she has defied many people's expectations.

She is a precious girl, with a strong spirit, and a clear understanding of what's to come.  Yes, even at the wise old age of 3, she's got a better handle on these realities than many of us adults.

Her family is a beautiful example of enduring with humility & grace.  Their testimony of the Plan of Salvation and faith in Jesus Christ inspires all of us on-lookers to try a little harder + be a little better + express a little more gratitude.

The reason I share about Clara & her family again here is the fact that they've occupied the majority of our prayers & thoughts.   We are just hoping that you too could include them in your prayers at this time.

To read more about their battle with Clara's Neuroblastoma, you can read her mother's blog, here.  If you'd like to contribute financially towards the family's expenses, you can click on the matching photograph on the sidebar to the right.

Thanks in advance; the gift of the words you utter while on your knees will truly continue to buoy this darling family up.


jen said...

In my prayers today. My sister had a form of neuroblastoma--astrocytoma. And it's so hard on families. Thanks for the reminder.

Valerie said...

Oh gosh! She's such a sweet little thing. Thanks for the update. I will definitely add my prayers.

S.I.F. said...

Absolutely heartbreaking. They will definitely be in my thoughts and prayers.

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