Grateful for...

  • Mr. LKP finally home, today (yep, you got it- one day later than we thought).
  • Afternoon naps (much appreciated after a sleepless night of double-lesson prep & fighting the sporadic internet connection, due to the sporadic power outages, due to the mad-blustery storm of the weekend).
  • Actually having electricity securely restored (luckily I had barely enough power later this morning so showers & hair-drying were possible, which only delayed our arrival to church by an hour.  After we left the house, apparently the power again went out for another solid 5 hours).
Old-school, Sunday afternoon couch time with the family, sans electricity- like in days of yore enjoying reports of the past 7 days' adventures (all while outfitted in sweatpants, sweatshirts, warm suvvy socks, and with card games in-hand...).

“What if you decided to be cheerful tonight at the dinner table, and in spite of what others might do or say, hold to your course. See how long you can uplift your whole family” 
~H. Burke Peterson

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