Grateful for...

  • today.
  • my muscles today.
  • all of them, especially my arm & leg muscles, today.
  • getting to once again coach my parks & rec volleyball clinic today.
  • seeing the sweet, smiling faces of my little volleyball girls again today.
  • wrapping up a final image disc for a sweet client's son today.
  • getting our Young Women in Excellence programs laid-out, printed & covered today.
...looking forward to Mr. LKP (my hot veteran), coming home from North Dakota, sometime later today!


Elle Jane said...

Hey our ward is having YW in excellence too! And I just love that Ben Franklin quote!

Tauna said...

Enjoy having him come home!!!!

Your thankful list is wonderful.
Enjoy your YW in Excellence.

wendy said...

Thank you so much for your very kind words on my blog. How interesting...that Matt is laid to rest in the same cemetary as your grandparents. Wow.
And yes, perhaps they are fishing, and hanging out. I always like to wonder "what everyone is doing" there.
I liked your gratitude list.

I'll be back for a visit. Hey, we have this eternal connection...right?

wendy said...

AND....besided that...we're country gals.

Cherie said...

I love YW in Excellence. Now that I no longer have girls in YW I get to still sneak in with the Bishop - Hee hee. They are always wonderful and uplifting nights. It is a such a worthwhile program.

yayy for the hubs coming home - North Dakota is far and probably cold - Hope he's not frozen.

S.I.F. said...

I hear you on the muscles! I've been so pumped on my own strength lately! It feels SO good to have a healthy, strong body!

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