Random Silliness: What Boredom Yields

...Posts like this.

Am kid-less again for the next few days (as Mini-Me's at her first regional church dance -- 5 stakes! -- and crashing at Grandma's until Tuesday where she's gonna sew her Trek skirts and interview Great-Grandpa about our family's pioneer heritage.  Great Grandpa is who we're related to Henry Grow & Brigham Young through).

Husband-less until late tomorrow night (thanks again to his truckerism).

So, I did some massive family history research until my ears started to blow steam.  Ignored some housework (its not going anywhere, so I'll get to it when I feel inspired).  THOUGHT about spraying a few new photo props down with some fab spray paint (but will wait until its sunny, and not windy).  Considered taking myself out to the movies.  Instead wound up in YouTubeville.

Stumbled upon the following video.  Gotta admit I STILL love the song.  + I'm a MEGA Divine Comedy fan, so the combo is phenom:

Oh yeah, and remember P90X?  Well if you're wanting a good laugh, or to shoot whatever your beverage is out of your nose, check out my friend, Chelsea's blog post "P90X is Death."  Or watch the next video, or read and then watch, or whatever:

OOH-OOH!  And I could NOT have gotten through tonight without THIS gem:

...and with that, I'm grabbing a ball cap and am headed to the movies afterall... Green Lantern, here I come!

Happy weekend, bloggin' peeps!


S.I.F. said...

Oh friend! What a productive use of your night alone! Ha!! I so love you...

Cherie said...

You crack me up Keely!! But what is really funny is that I would do the same thing - everyone gone? Would I get anything useful done? NO surfin' the internet and going to movies - Oh Yeah!!

Garden of Egan said...

Sorta sounds like an OK thing, to be you, yourself and you.

Hope you had fun at the movies.
Yay for grandma doing the trek clothes!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the perfect night alone. Me and the computer..... love fest


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