Have Been Enslaved

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...to our insane schedule.

Which has included all of Mini-Me's crazy sports stuff + full time hours back at my old office until a gal comes back from maternity leave + Mr LKP out of town for work the majority of this week (Hopefully he'll get to come home today or tomorrow.) + full-blown CPR re-cert training + a photo shoot last night.

Had to have a little liberation just for Mini-Me and myself, since the post-scheduled hours of the day usually have resulted in me seriously crashing, just to wake up shortly thereafter to start it all over again.

Therefore, following the shoot, she & I raced into town and stood in line for Captain America tickets.

Captain America IS what a SUPER HERO should be!  (Broke the mold with this guy.) 

NGL, Captain America's hot in a very charming, classic, clean-cut way.  No language issues (which was FABULOUS) and both of us girls were literally on the edge of our seats the WHOLE time! 
ADDED BONUS:  The casting of Tommy Lee Jones was impeccable, as was that of Stanley Tucci!  We were tickled to see Hugo Weaving in there as well, and were stunned at how well he plays the villain.  (Haven't seen much of him since he played Elrond in the Lord of the Rings trilogy.)

Cannot WAIT for the next Marvel movie installment, when all the best are brought together.  Too bad that won't be until NEXT SPRING!

Since I'm impatient like that, AND since Captain America was so good, I'm thinking Mini-Me & I will have to take my sister & dad to see it again tonight!  (She didn't see it yesterday, but wants to.  Will be wonderful.  All depends on when Mr LKP comes home.  Perhaps we'll take him AND my sister tonight!)

Go see it, m'kay?!

(P.S.  If you were wondering, Green Lantern was completely rad.  Got outta there around 12:30am, and let me just say that the drive home in the stark dark of night and all the lights speeding past was such a rush!  No lie, Green Lantern made night driving SO much fun.  I want to be a lantern! Can't wait for #2 which is due out 2013.  Sinestro's got some issues to be dealt with, people!) 

Sorry, but I'm a comic book kid.  So if you don't love comic books yourself, or never did, just don't hate.  K?  To some of us, comic books & Jedi Knights are like crack.  Kinda like how sparkly vampires & lightning-bolt scarred kid wizards are crack to others.  Suum cuique.


Anonymous said...

Splenda has been watching trailers and reading reviews and has come to the decision that we will most def be seeing Captain America in the theater!! I'm gonna let him know your positive review too!

Garden of Egan said...

I guess I'm going to have to go see it.
I wasn't going to but since you gave such an awesome review and you are so awesome........I'm gonna go out on a limb!

Valerie said...

I'm not a huge Super Hero fan...(then again, maybe I am?) I loved Captain America (and Green Lantern too!) I think The Avengers will be awesome.

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