Big Mouth!

If you've been following along for a while now, you'd expect that the title "Big Mouth" would  be one of two things:
  1. an insult lodged in my direction
  2. a term of endearment from my old radio friends who are also TALK-ERS!
I'm here to tell you actually that this post has nothing to do with my motor mouth!  Instead it's one full of love, appreciation, and high-marks for our latest addition here on the Ranch:
My brand spankin' new BIG MOUTH 14 CUP FOOD PROCESSOR by Hamilton Beach!

Serio, folks.  This thing is BEYOND thebomb.com!

While cooking up at camp this year, I fell in love with my SIL's wonder mixer/blender/juicer that we used constantly.

Each year we strive to feed our Jr Grangers not only well, with loads of taste, but also LOADS of nutrition.  Therefore there's GOBS & GOBS of veggies chopped down until they're unidentifiable and then mixed in with the ground beef or ground turkey.  This way, when whatever sauce goes on top, the stealth NINJA VEGGIES are already there, waiting to sneak in and do the job they're supposed to!  ...And the kids totally think they've got their parents snowed, since their camp food can't POSSIBLY be good for them 'cause it all tastes so dang good.  ;)

So, Mr LKP picked out (on his own - isn't he a gem?!) the BIG MOUTH processor.  Brought it home to me, and I went about the same ninja veggie routine as the true test.  The BIG MOUTH knocked my SIL's blender/mixer/juicer out of the park!  No lie.  What took minutes, at 1-2 handfuls of veggies at a time, took only seconds, per full batch of veggies, with the big mouth. 

There was ZERO clogging & clumping.  ...And I was in kitchen appliance HEAVEN!!!!  I'm delighted at the performance.  Mr LKP is tickled over how easy it is to take care of & clean-up.  Mini-Me is ECSTATIC over the phenom grater + fry-slicing plates.  (Innocent, unsuspecting sweet potatoes be warned!)

It's a win-win-win!  (Well maybe not for all the veggies we plan to decimate.  Lol.)

Bonus features?
  • 4 suction-cup fee,t so it stays in place on the counter.  Hooray!
  • Built-in safety switch, so the blades don't start their magic until the lid is locked in.
People, this is better than anything Ron Popeil's come up with!   

"...Set it, and forget it!..."

So, there you have it.


A happy homemaker, all thanks to another BIG MOUTH in the house! ...and NINJA VEGGIES(I'm telling ya, they're where it's at.  ::wink::)

...Oodles of high-5's to Mr LKP for this smashing success!...


NaDell said...

Perfect timing for summer grilling!
I think that will have to wait for my Christmas gift. =)

2browndawgs said...

Very cool!

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