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It was the date night I whole-heartedly needed.  I left the theater more fulfilled, and feeling more capable of overcoming my life-challenges than I had felt when we entered the theater.  Perfect, most timely pick-me-up.  Fostered faith.  Please go see it.  Take your issues, there'll be some inner-resolve, I promise.  Take tissue.  Just sayin'.  There'll be some necessary eyes & nose-resolving, I promise.
Then, after feeling refreshed from what you just viewed, set aside September 30th on your calendars and plan a date to take in this phenomenal movie about men of honor(If the trailer alone can make me sob ...aloud public, then it's gonna be soooo worth it!)


Lisa Loo said...

I've heard lots of good things about this--if my husband ever gets home I will have to drag him out....

Ann Marie said...

I need to go see this! -- You are not the first one to tell me to do so..

Valerie said...

Soul Surfer is one of the 3 movies I've seen this year. Glad you got to go out and have a good date night! I saw the preview for the other movie too and cried and know I wouldn't be able to sit through it right now. Looks good though.

Garden of Egan said...

I love when people suggest a good movie. I haven't been led astray yet.

Glad you had a date night.

Missin' your mug!

Valerie said...

I have this movie on my list! Hoping to see it soon.

Cherie said...

Oh man Kurke and I saw this over the weekend on our date night too and it was SOOO GOOD! I loved it.

I was telling Katie about it and she told me that it was filmed while she was there. She could see the fireworks from her window and lots of her friends were extra's in the movie, etc...Made it a little extra cool.
But seriously such a GREAT movie!!

tammy said...

I need a good cry. Can't wait to see it.

Jan said...

Mattie raved about this movie. It really sounds like a good 'moral of the story'.. Glad to hear from you! Tell Little Miss Daisy hello kk

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