Happiness is...

...getting to see your youngest cousin off to her first Prom.
I'm getting too old.  :)


Cherie said...

She looks alot like you Keely...Gorgeous!

How fun that you were able to take their pictures!

Valerie said...

Gorgeous photos~ as always!

Anonymous said...

Hey this is from a couple of posts ago but I have to tell you that I love your hair! It looks awesome on you! And these pictures are so good! I love them.
I miss you guys!
All my love to you,

Bails (: said...

Thanks so much for taking those pictures for us (:
Everyone seems to think we look so much alike!

You're the best cousin, regardless!
Love you bunches sister.

Barbie said...

Thank you,thank you,thank you! You did a great job! It's so nice to have such a wonderful family.
I love you!

{Mo} said...

I'm with you Cherie, I can definately see a resmblance! Great pictures.... lucky kids got a talented photographer!

Lisa Loo said...

I'd have to agree with the look alike genes. I find it fascinating that some families have them so strongly!

Your pictures are breathtaking as usual!

And you ARE NOT too old silly.....

Heidi D said...

So pretty! I loooove the green. :)

tammy said...

How cute! Love the photos and the color she chose.

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