Happiness Is:

...finding a matched, clean pair of your OWN socks to wear.


Jan said...

Amen Sister :) That is Happiness! Double Happiness.. Like Pair Happiness.. Or Twin Happiness.. Or Reunited and it feels so good Happiness..

Garden of Egan said...

You know, I would have to agree.
Socks, I swear they do the magic disappearing act sometimes.
They look nice and warm too.....I would love warm right now.
Just sayin'

LKP said...

hehehehehe...jan you are SO darn right! :)

i'm seeing the temps are being uncooperative again lately, tauna. so sorry. if it makes you feel any better, they say it may hit 70 degrees today, but i think "they" live in a glass box 50 miles away from my house cause it is co-old, and cloudy & windy, and rainy. :(

Anonymous said...

Ain't it the truth!

Hope you are well!

Lisa Loo said...

You mean socks are supposed to match??! Dang it!!

M said...

Funny! Okay, so I used to listen to a local DJ here who put on a pair of new socks every single day that he wore socks. He couldn't stand the feel of a sock that had been worn - even if washed and only loved that new sock feeling. So every week while shopping, he picked up a package of new socks. He compated it to, some people buy their case of diet coke to have one every day, his was socks. I thought that was hysterical.
Now that I type it all out, it really isn't that funny after all........

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