So Remember When I Said I'd Work on a Ketchup-Post?

Well, this is about as good as it's gonna get....a review of March, à la TURBO-mode!

Ok, yep, aside from some massive fund-raising in the beginning of March, we've already covered all the busy-ness that was our RS's birthday dinner.  So, moving on from there:

The following week was filled with bake sales, Visiting Teaching appointments, and OODLES of wedding activities for one of my sweetests, Dani.  That included putting together her & her hubby's slide show for the reception, gearing up my reception music catalog for all of the fab dancing, attending her endowment session, decorating up the ying-yang the night before, and then going full-blown wedding that entire Saturday.  It was a joyous and tiring occasion, but worth it.
(Since I was DJ'ing & coordinating, someone else was shooting.  Which meant I only had my phone on me at the temple.  Boo!)
The following day I wound up flat on my back, totally dizzy for almost 4 days!  No fun, but thank goodness I didn't get sick PRIOR to Dani's wedding.  Phew!

By Friday, the 25th, I was feeling better and therefore headed to Idaho for another of my sweetests' weddings. 
Katie's parents (absolutely LUB Cherie) had the right stress-free idea: hire out wherever you can, and what you don't hire out, get friends to help with!  It was a fabulous strategy.  That's where I came in, as one of the friends with their sleeves pushed up to help.  And I loved every. minute. of. it!
There was so much good food and great laughter all weekend; I even got to finally meet some familiar faces "officially" (including Rad Rachel who was featured in this week's Wordless Wednesday and Jaxon & Ryan & Joanne!).  The wedding itself was incredibly beautiful.  I felt that I learned so much more in that single wedding ceremony than I had in a long while.  Absolutely lifted my heart!  The reception was abosolutely beautiful!  Katie & Kevin's first dance was so entertaining and SOOOO them!

Giving Katie Away from KR Romm on Vimeo.
I also made some new friends along the way as well (Jenny, Lynette, Cindy & the rest of Cherie & Kurke's families).  I've got to say, every successful adventure ends with great souvenirs....the best ones are always friends rather than trinkets.  This adventure to Boise was definitely void of trinkets but FULL of friends, so it is in my Top 10 for sure! 
(Photo snagged from Cherie's blog)

As for the rest of the family, Mr LKP & I celebrated our 8th temple anniversary on Friday, March 11th...the same day the 9.0 earthquake & 30 foot tsunami hit Japan.  It was an eerie day, where we found it difficult to celebrate much of anything.  Instead we found ourselves glued to the news sites here online as to further devastation updates.  It is crazy to realize just how great the magnitude of such a catastrophe could be if it were to happen to us.  For instance, the tsunami reached in as far as 60 miles inland (depending on varying Japanese reports).  Mr LKP and I discussed it, and if something similar were to strike the western coast of North America (most likely along the Washington & Oregon coastline), it only makes sense that even we could be effected as a tsunami surge up the Columbia River that would displace the river's water for that 60 mile distance, which would then in-turn displace the 60 miles of water behind that, and so on & so forth.  Truly a domino effect right on up the river.  I know there are dams in place between us and the coast, but the possibility is there.  It's an alarming idea, considering that the Ranch is literally only separated from the banks of the Columbia River by a built-up train track and a two-lane highway.  The property'd be flooded before we'd realized it.  Consequently, all this thinking has got up more focused on not only emergency preparations, but WHERE to store our preparations since the pump house we're currently using is close to said highway, and is on the downward slope of the property.  So, we're trying to work up a better plan.

Mini-Me is full-swing into softball season and is LOVING it!  Her games don't start until after Spring Break, but she's fully immersing herself in as much softball as she can.  This I find thoroughly exciting, since I always loved playing softball (though I played with church---and man, I sure wish our Stake still had church sports since these kids hardly get P.E. at school anymore, so they need the extra activity, not to mention a safe and less-competitive place to learn sportsmanship and the basics to some of these sports).  She's even learning what its like to have to suck it up and practice in the rain!  When she ran track last year, if it got rainy everything had to be covered and practice was either over, or had been canceled in advance.  So, this is yet another fabulous growing experience for Mini-Me, and we couldn't be happier for her!

The last few days of March, besides Mr LKP's & my 9th wedding anniversary, were spent in shock at how blindingly fast the month flew by us, and in prep for General Conference weekend which is currently underway.  ...and now that I think about it, there's been much contemplation & shock over how blindingly fast 9 YEARS has sped by us as well!  :D

So we hope the month of March was good to you & your family.  We pray that April is even kinder.  Many hugs to you & yours...and hopefully blogging will be a might-bit easier for the next 30 days!


M-Cat said...

Love the ketchup post! I love where you say the best souvenirs are friends and not trinkets!!

Hugs to you my friend

Garden of Egan said...

Great post!
I love the pictures. I still am so bummed I couldn't go. I would loved to have seen you.
Great pictures!

It seems like you hardly have a minute in a day!

Anonymous said...

My you have been busy. Sounds like a fun busy for the most part though.

Valerie said...

You have definitely been busy! So great you got to go to fun, lovey weddings! Happy belated anniversary to you and your guy.

Rad Rachel said...

DUDE. Sorry I'm so tardy on this blogging thing- wow to be continued my internet is not working!

Rad Rachel said...

Ok so your blog ROCKS! Now we know mine sucks, cool. But really, you are seriously the coolest/neatest/NICEST/funnest girlfriend. Not even lying. I'm so glad I actually got to meet a bloggy friend (even thought we weren't exactly friends before...) and find out bloggers are not all psycho paths with major issues and freaky cats. Not only does your blog rock, but so do YOU! Hope your week is glorious.

ps we're totally blog friends/real life friends now! Love it.

Heather said...

First off, Happy Temple Anniversary and Happy Wedding Anniversary!

How fun you got to go to 2 weddings! I wish I could have gone to Katie's! Thanks for sharing the photos and the video! I loved the video! Their dance together was so them!

How fun for your girl to be able to play softball! I bet she loves it! I love softball! I never was on a team but I liked playing it during P.E. or just with my family growing up. I love to pitch!

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