Helen Keller Once Said:

"I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do. "

No matter our situations, these words of great wisdom are pertinent, no?

Two of the feelings I despise the most in life are the feelings of insignificance and helplessness.  What's interesting about these two are that they seldom go anywhere without the other.  When one is present, the other is not far behind.

The interesting discovery I've made about these feelings, aside from the fact their universal and we all feel them, is that the cure for bouts of them is to apply a verb.

What do you mean that doesn't make sense?

To cure feelings of insignificance, and ward off the impending wave of helplessness (or vice versa) is to DO SOMETHING.  Anything positive will do.  No matter how large or small, doing something rather than nothing thwarts those dark and oppressing feelings.

Now, there is much sadness in the world, I'll grant you that.  However, rather than let that get us down and hold us back, why don't we focus on some positive and let the positivity take root.  This'll lead to some good verbs in our lives.

My current good verb can be seen over in my sidebar.  It looks something like this:

I'm not made of money, but what little I can spare I'll be sending to The Sharing Place in SLC.  Not because I live in Utah, and not because I've personally used their services.  No, instead it's because The Sharing Place is a program of integrity, and great worth as they are a 100% non-profit program which is solely dedicated to children who are grieving the loss of a parent.

I've fallen in love with The Sharing Place & their mission, as a sweet friend of mine has a 3 year-old granddaughter who lost her mother in the past 4+ months, and this program is a miracle wrapped up in a quaint little house tailored specifically for little ones who are incapable of coping with their grief on their own.  Not only is it a place to discuss feelings, but a place where the memory of the lost parents can be respected and held sacred.

I didn't lose a parent as a child, but there were traumatic incidents in my young life that I wish I'd been able to have had a safe place to process through the grief surrounding them.  I can't fathom how much more difficult it would have been had one of my parents died while I was so young.

Mr LKP DOES know what this is like, as his mother passed away from cancer when we were 6.  No child-specific counseling was readily available in those days, and he's battled an aching hole in his heart ever since.  I love who my husband is, but I can't help but think that he'd be a better man had he been able to process in real-time the loss of his mother, so he could more easily cope with the rest of his childhood as each stage came.  Ya know what I mean?  Perhaps he wouldn't have felt like he had to fight for every.single.thing in life.... and perhaps his fears of further loss would've lessened.

So, THAT'S why I'll be supporting The Sharing Place as much as I can financially.
THAT'S why The Sharing Place has a coveted button-locale towards the top of my sidebar.  THAT'S why I'm asking you to hop on over and help support The Sharing Place as well.

(Be gone helplessness!  Be gone insignificance!)
Where I find I cannot do EVERYTHING, I choose to still do SOMETHING!


Garden of Egan said...

I loved that post by Em. I donated as well.

jen said...

Thanks for this. My dad lost his dad when he was 11, and I can see many of the same things in him that you describe in Mr. LKP. Great post.

M-Cat said...

Dave and I are openly sobbing! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Be gone helplness, be gone insignificance!

We love you!

You are one of my most cherished souvenirs my friend!

Cherie said...

I agree BE GONE helplessness and insignificance! There are things WE all can do to help other people!

Great post.

Lisa Loo said...

Great point about those nasty bedfellows--helplessness and insignificance! And so true. Thanx for the info too--I'm off to check it out...

Heather said...

What a wonderful program!

It makes me sad that your husband had to go through that at such a young age.

I also have been sadden by our friend, her family and her granddaughter going through this hard time in their life.

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